EVER-POWER INDUSTRY is a specialist in making all kinds of mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission like: planetary gearboxes, worm reducers, in-line helical gear speed reducers, parallel shaft helical gear reducers, helical bevel reducers, helical worm gear reducers, agricultural gearboxes, tractor gearboxes, auto gearboxes, PTO drive shafts, special reducer & related gear components and other related products. Furthermore, we can produce customized variators, geared motors, electric motors, sprockets, vaccum pumps, fluid coupling, gear racks, chains, timing pulleys, UDL speed variators, v pulleys, hydraulic cylinder, gear pumps, screw air compressors, shaft collars low backlash worm reducers, other hydraulic products and so on, according to customers' drawings.
We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior product quality and after-sales service. We warmly welcome customers both at home and abroad to contact us to negotiate business, exchange information and cooperate with us.
We staff over 1500 workers, and have CNC turning machines and CNC work centers.
For more details, please check out our products catalogs and machine lists.

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