Timing Belts and Pulleys – Operations

9.1 LOW-SPEED OPERATIONSynchronous drives are specially well-suitable for low-speed, high torque applications. Their positive traveling nature helps prevent potential slippage associated with V-belt drives, and actually allows significantly higher torque carrying capacity. Little pitch synchronous drives working at speeds of 50 ft/min (0.25 m/s) or much less are considered to be low-speed. Care should be … Read more



When making a comparison with other roller chains versus going full stainless steel a few things need to come into consideration. The environment, strength requirements, and application type. Corrosion Resistance Comparison:  One of the main questions asked is what is the most anti-corrosive chain out of the corrosion resistant roller chain options. Below we are … Read more

Timing Belt Pulleys Style and Installation Suggestions: General Guide Lines

General Guide LinesThere are some general guidelines which are applicable to all or any timing belts, including miniature and double-sided belts: Drives should always be made with ample reserve hp capacity. Use of overload support factors is essential. Belts should be rated at only 1/15th of their respective ultimate strength. For MXL pitch belts, the … Read more

What Is an Idler Sprocket?

An idler sprocket is a gadget used to keep up the tension in a chain or chain travel system. Often comprising nothing more than a sprocket installed on a spring tensioned arm, the idler sprocket pulls against the chain in a continuous way to keep the chain restricted at all times. The size of the … Read more

Fluid Coupling Overview and Applications

Fluid Coupling Overview   A fluid coupling contains three components, in addition to the hydraulic fluid:  The housing, also known as the shell (which must have an oil-restricted seal around the travel shafts), provides the fluid and turbines.  Two turbines (lover like components):  One connected to the insight shaft; known as the pump or impellor, primary wheel input turbine  The … Read more