Air Compressor Energy Saving Method

Air compressor is one of the general equipment in manufacturing market. It is necessary for enterprises to do a good job in energy-saving management of atmosphere compressor. To be able to increase production cost, it is urgent for enterprises to install high efficiency atmosphere compressors. So how to save lots of energy for atmosphere compressor? … Read more

Worm Gear Reducer Advantages

1. The worm equipment reducer can get a big gear ratio, and the larger output torque is more compact than the staggered axle gear mechanism.

2. The two tooth of the worm gear are in line contact, and the bearing capacity is much higher than that of the crossed helical equipment mechanism.

3. The worm equipment reducer transmission is equivalent to the screw travel, which is a multi-tooth mesh drive, therefore the transmission is steady and the noise is very small.

4. The worm gear reducer has self-locking property. When the lead angle of the worm is normally smaller than the equivalent friction position between your meshing teeth, the mechanism has self-locking house, and the reverse self-locking could be realized, that’s, the worm wheel can only be driven by the worm, and the worm can not be powered by the worm wheel. For instance, in the self-locking worm system used in its heavy machinery, the reverse self-locking property can serve as a basic safety protection.

5. The worm gear reducer has high transmission efficiency and critical wear. On the other hand, the relative sliding rate is large, causing severe wear on the tooth surface area and serious heat era. In order to China Pulley dissipate temperature and reduce wear, components with better anti-friction and anti-wear properties and good lubrication devices tend to be used, so the cost is high.

6. The axial power of the reducer worm is large, and the anti-lock bearing is installed on the worm shaft of our factory.

Gear processing

The machining of the apparatus needs to supply the most elementary modulus m, the number of gears Z, and the pressure angle a. Gear thickness h.

Gear processing strategies generally include hobbing, gear shaping, and milling gears, as well as grinding teeth with high precision requirements. Corresponding Gear box machines and knives have hobbing and hobbing cutters, gear shaping machines and equipment shaping knives, horizontal milling devices and equipment milling cutters, gear grinding machines and gear grinding wheels. details the following:

(1) Hobbing machine hobbing: It can process helical tooth below 8 modules

(2) Milling machine milling: can process straight rack

(3) Inserting teeth: can process internal teeth

(4) cool punching machine: can be processed without debris

(5) planing machine planing teeth: can process 16 modulus large gears

(6) Precision casting teeth: can procedure cheap pinions in huge quantities

(7) Grinding machine grinding teeth: can procedure gears on precision machine

(8) Die casting machine casting teeth: most processing non-ferrous metal gears

(9) Shaving machine: It is a kind of metal cutting for gear finishing

Internal structure of the screw jack

The screw jack, also called the mechanical jack, is driven by a manpower through a screw pair, and a screw or nut sleeve is used as a jacking member. The ordinary screw jack supports the weight by the thread self-locking function, and the structure is simple, but the transmission efficiency is usually low and the come back stroke is slow. The thread of the self-propelled screw jack has no self-locking action and has a brake. When the brake is certainly released, the weight can be quickly lowered alone and the return period can be shortened, but the framework of the jack is complicated. The screw jack can support heavy items for a long period, and the maximum lifting capacity has reached 100 tons, which is widely used. After the horizontal screw is definitely mounted on the lower part, the weight could be traversed at a small distance.

Principle useful:

The mechanical jack is among the types of manual lifting tools. Its compact framework makes reasonable usage of the rocking of the rocker to rotate the pinion. It really is operated by a pair of conical gears to Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps operate a vehicle the screw to rotate and press the lifting sleeve to ensure that the weight rises or decline.


1. Before use, it’s important to check if the jack is regular, whether the components are flexible, put lubricating oil, and properly estimate the fat of the large object. Use a jack of appropriate tonnage and prevent overloading.

2. Adjust the method of supporting one’s teeth on the rocker. Firstly, turn the rocker directly in the clockwise direction by hand to help make the lifting sleeve quickly ascend the top weight.

3. Insert the handle into the rocker hole, move the handle up and down, and the excess weight will rise. When the reddish warning line shows up on the lifting sleeve, the handle should be stopped instantly. If you want to lower the teeth in the opposite direction, the pounds will start to fall.


1. Usually keep the top of machine clean, verify the internal structure regularly, make the pinion in the rocker versatile and reliable, and lift the lifting sleeve openly.

2. The friction surface between your lifting sleeve and the casing must be oiled anytime. Other oil filling holes should be lubricated regularly.

3. In order to consider the safety in use, avoid overloading, use illness, it is not appropriate to use multiple units to avoid danger.

Direction of rotation of the worm reducer

Determine the left or ideal hand rule of the worm wheel relative to the worm. When the worm is definitely right-handed (the worm can be rotated left and ideal and the judgment technique is equivalent to the direction of the helical equipment), the right-hand rule is used. The worm equipment reducer is left-handed when left-handed. rules. The four fingers are bent in the direction of the direction of the worm (the directly arrow indicates the direction of circular movement on the visible part of the worm), and the contrary path of the thumb may be the direction of motion of the turbine relative to the worm. The relationship between your worm and the turbine in the worm reducer depends upon The relative placement between the two, the direction of rotation of the worm and its own direction of rotation.

The worm rotation direction (discussing the direction of the lead angle of the worm itself) is divided into left-handed and right-handed, and both left-handed worm and the right-handed worm could be rotated Shaft Collar clockwise and counterclockwise. There are four cases in total:

1. The worm rotates left, the worm is definitely on, and the worm is definitely down. The right hand rotates the worm clockwise, and the worm wheel rotates counterclockwise;

2. The worm rotates to the left, the worm is under, and the worm is usually on. The right hand rotates the worm clockwise, and the worm steering wheel rotates clockwise;

3. The worm rotates to the right, the worm is usually on, and the worm can be down. The right hand rotates the worm clockwise, and the worm wheel rotates clockwise;

4. The worm rotates to the right, the worm is certainly on, and the worm is usually down. The right hands rotates the worm clockwise, and the worm steering wheel rotates counterclockwise;

THE WAY THE Vacuum Pump Works

1. What is the function of the vacuum pump? What kinds of vacuum pumps are generally used in refineries? The vacuum pump is made to create a vacuum in the gear or container that operates below ambient atmospheric pressure or high vacuum. Vacuum pumps generally used in refineries include steam aircraft vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pumps and reciprocating vacuum pumps.

2. What’s the working theory of the steam aircraft vacuum pump? It contains a nozzle, a blending chamber, an growth chamber, and a pressure outlet. In operation, drinking water vapor can be sprayed from the nozzle in to the blending chamber at a high speed (1200-1500 m/s). At this time, a specific negative pressure is produced at the nozzle, so that the gear box for greenhouse pumped gas can be flushed into the blending chamber from the gas inlet and mixed with drinking water vapor. And get some energy from the water vapor. When the combined gas stream enters the diffuser chamber, the velocity gradually decreases along the axis, and the pressure gradually increases along the axis circulation until it is discharged above the atmospheric pressure. Because of the continuous work, the gas in the equipment is continually extracted, thus causing a vacuum (negative pressure) state within the equipment.

3. What are the characteristics of the steam plane vacuum pump? The steam jet vacuum pump entrains the pumped gas at a high speed of drinking water vapor, so it gets the characteristics of huge pumping capacity, high vacuum, simple produce, convenient set up and maintenance, etc. Currently, the vacuum distillation device of the refinery The majority of the vacuum pumps used are steam aircraft vacuum pumps.

4. What is the construction of the water ring vacuum pump? What’s the working basic principle of the water ring vacuum pump? The water ring vacuum pump comprises a pump casing, an impeller, a water ring, a suction chamber, a discharge chamber, and a vent hole.