Combination Chains (C55/C55L/C60/C77/C188/C131/C102B/C102/C111/C110/C132)

Combination Chains used extensively in the cement.paper and pulp, quarrying, and mining industries for elevating and conveying a wide variety of abrasive and nonabrasive materials.It is also locating many uses generally industrial assembly conveyors. It isn’t recommended for drive chain.The construction of our Combination Chain could be either cottered or riveted. Cottered is generally considered … Read more


The CRATE CONVEYOR CHAIN is constructed in malleable iron with generous wearing surfaces and the steel connecting pins are riveted flush with the side bars to allow the chain to slide freely in 2.5″channel manuals . the chains are created to flex sideways round a 3′ -o· minimum recommended radius. Although a 1′ -9″ radius … Read more


CASTING DETACHABLE CHAINS is the 1st malleable iron chain to be used extensively meant for industry-wide applications. It is a light-weight, low cost chain obtainable in a full range of sizes and can be used in a wide variety of applications where light and moderate loads are carried at gradual or intermediate speeds in relatively … Read more

“H” CLASS Refuse Drag Chains (H102/H104/H110/H112/H116/H120/H480)

“H” CLASS Drive Chain Refuse Drag Chains is utilized for conveying sawdust,wooden chips, pulp, garbage, tankage, ashes, and other abrasive spend through either wooden or metal troughs. Due to the large, wide opening area, “H” CLASS Refuse Drag Chain provides sizeable holding capacity when managed at moderate speeds.Leading face of each barrel is flat, providing … Read more


“H” CLASS Conveyor Chain Transfer ROOFTOP CHAINS (H78A/H78B/H130/H131/H138)“EVER-POWER” Transfer Chain is available in two types: “H” Class Transfer Chain and Combination Transfer Chain. “H” Class Transfer Chain contains those numbered H78A, H78B, H130,H131, and H138. All “H” Class Transfer Chain is available only in riveted construction. “H” Class Transfer Chain numbered H 78A, H 130,and … Read more