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For easy attachment chain operation, Tsubaki should be your first choice. Our long Auto Chain lasting attachment chain solutions are totally customisable, with more than 1,300 attachments designed for specification.

Our Solitary Pitch and Double Pitch chains are designed with the utmost power transmission precision in mind – which makes them highly resistant to wear and elongation. We actually offer a free of maintenance Lambda chain for use in applications where re-lubrication is not desired nor feasible or where contamination might occur.

Tsubaki’s pioneering Match and Tag services is exclusive to Tsubaki and ensures accurate chain lengths down to a fraction of a millimeter. Chains are therefore correctly synchronized, providing consistent performance.


There are actually two types of links alternating in the bush roller chain. The first type is internal links, having two internal plates held collectively by two sleeves or bushings upon which rotate two rollers. Internal links alternate with the second type, the outer links, comprising two Drive Chain external plates held jointly by pins moving through the bushings of the internal links. The “bushingless” roller chain is similar in procedure though not in structure; instead of individual bushings or sleeves holding the inner plates together, the plate includes a tube stamped involved with it protruding from the hole which serves the same purpose. This has the advantage of removing one step in assembly of the chain.

The roller chain design reduces friction compared to simpler designs, leading to higher efficiency and less wear. The original power transmission chain varieties lacked rollers and bushings, with both the inner and outer plates kept by pins which straight contacted the sprocket teeth; however this configuration exhibited incredibly rapid put on of both the sprocket tooth, and the plates where they pivoted on the pins. This problem was partially solved by the development of bushed chains, with the pins holding the outer plates passing through bushings or sleeves connecting the inner plates. This distributed the use over a larger area; however the teeth of the sprockets still wore quicker than is attractive, from the sliding friction against the bushings. The addition of rollers around the bushing sleeves of the chain and provided rolling contact with the teeth of the sprockets resulting in excellent resistance to wear of both sprockets and chain aswell. There is even suprisingly low friction, provided that the chain is definitely sufficiently lubricated. Continuous, clean, lubrication of roller chains is of major importance for efficient operation as well as correct tensioning


Armor coat chain features the strength of carbon steel with a corrosion resistance exceeding nickel Transmission Chain plated chain. The baked on coating is applied both prior to assembly and again after assembly. Dimensions are given in inches.

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Roller chain or bush roller chain is the type of chain drive most commonly used for transmission of mechanical power on many types of domestic, industrial and agricultural machinery, including conveyors, wire- and tube-drawing machines, printing presses, vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. It contains a series of short cylindrical rollers held collectively by aspect links. It is driven by a toothed wheel known as a sprocket. It is a straightforward, reliable, and efficient[1] means of power transmission.

Though Hans Renold is credited with inventing the roller chain in 1880, Drive Chain sketches by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century show a chain with a roller bearing.


Basic Info.

Material: Alloy
Usage: Transportation Chain

Structure: Welded Chain
Chain Size:6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc.

Surface Treatment: Black Oxidation; Zinc Plated; Personal Color
Color: Black

Size: 6-22mm

Surface Finished: Dark Painted, Black Oxide..etc
Dedicated Chain Type: Leaf Chain Security Towline

Detachable Chain Type: Metal Roller Conveyor Engineering
Material Feature: Heat Resistant

Function: Lifting and Lashing Chain
Export Markets: Global

Additional Info.
Trademark: YANFEI/OEM

Packing: Plywood Case + Pallet, Steel Drum
Standard: CE