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Bushings and Hubs

Bushings and hubs are available in a wide range of models with specific advantages in power transmission applications from automotive to paper.
Our bushings and hubs are made of high-quality steel. Most are phosphate coated or blackened to improve corrosion resistance. We offer tapered locking bushings, QD bushings, and weld-on and bolt-on hubs.
All bushings can be easily installed and removed with basic tools, resulting in minimal downtime during each installation.
A wide range of sizes and types of matched products are available off-the-shelf at short notice, and customization is also supported at Ever-power. Contact now!

Simplify Installation,Easy to Fit, High Quality Bushings and Hubs

QD Bushings

QD bushings are popular in many industrial applications. They are tapered, split through their flanges, and offer superior clamping force on shafts. They are commonly used in sprockets, pulleys, and sheaves. This design can increase the clamping force by up to 10 times over the standard bored-to-size bushing.

የተሰነጠቀ Taper Bushings

Split taper bushings are flanged bushings used in mounting pulleys, sprockets, and sheaves on a shaft. The split on the barrel allows the component to be keyed to the shaft, preventing loosening or slipping. They are available in decimal and metric sizes.

XT Bushings

XT Bushings are a type of bushing specifically designed for conveyor pulley applications. They are characterized by a 2-inch per foot taper, which provides superior holding power while permitting easier installation and removal than other bushing systems. 

FHPK Bushings

are split taper bushings that are designed for use in drives with lower torque. They feature keys that help lock them in place on the shaft. FHPK bushings mount sheaves and sprockets on shafts and are built to withstand torque generated in power transmission. 

የብረት መገናኛዎች ለተሰነጣጠለ ታፐር ቡሽንግ

are mechanical components used in power transmission systems to connect rotating shafts to various types of machinery, such as pulleys, sprockets, and gears. The steel hub is designed to fit around the shaft and is secured in place using a split taper bushing.

Type B Steel Hubs

"B" ብረት መገናኛዎችን ይተይቡ

Type “B” steel hubs are a type of hub used in mechanical power transmission systems. They are typically used in applications where a moderate amount of torque needs to be transmitted between a shaft and a mounted component, such as a gear or a pulley.

XT የቡሽንግ መገናኛዎች

የ XT bushing hubs በሃይል ማስተላለፊያ ስርዓቶች እና ማሽነሪዎች ውስጥ ጥቅም ላይ የሚውሉ የሜካኒካል ክፍሎች አይነት ናቸው. እነዚህ ማዕከሎች የተነደፉት የተለጠፈ ቁጥቋጦን በመጠቀም ግንድ ላይ እንዲጫኑ ነው፣ይህም ጊርስን፣ ሾጣጣዎችን፣ ፑሊዎችን እና ሌሎች የሚሽከረከሩ ክፍሎችን ለማያያዝ አስተማማኝ እና ትክክለኛ የግንኙነት ነጥብ ይሰጣል።

የQD አይነት ዌልድ-ላይ መገናኛዎች

የQD አይነት ዌልድ-ላይ መገናኛዎች በተለይ ከQD bushings ጋር ለመጠቀም የተነደፉ የመበየድ አይነት ናቸው። QD bushings በተለምዶ የእቃ ማጓጓዣ ስርዓቶች ውስጥ ጥቅም ላይ የሚውለው እራሱን የሚያስተካክል የጫካ አይነት ነው። የQD አይነት ዌልድ ማዕከሎች በተለይ QD ቁጥቋጦን ለመቀበል የተቀየሰ በማሽን የተሰራ እረፍት አላቸው። ይህ ማዕከሉን በቀላሉ እና ደህንነቱ በተጠበቀ ሁኔታ በማጓጓዣው ዘንግ ላይ እንዲገጣጠም ያስችለዋል.

Taper Bore Weld-on Hubs

Taper bore weld-on hubs are manufactured from steel, drilled and tapped, and taper bored to accept standard taper lock bushes. The extended flange provides a convenient way of welding hubs into fan rotors, steel pulleys, plate sprockets, impellers, agitators, conveyor pulleys, and many other devices that must be securely fastened to the shaft. Taper bore weld-on hubs are simple to install.

Taper Bore ቦልት-በመገናኛዎች

Taper bore bolt-on hubs are one type of bolt-on-hubs that is specially designed for bushes, and its characteristics are simple structure, easy-on, easy-off, simultaneously usable on both sides and soon. It applies to vane wheels, fans, and other parts which must be fixed closely with shafts. Taper bore bolt-on hubs are made of high-standard grey cast iron GG25, which has enough surface intensity. 

Taper Lock Adapters

Taper lock adapters are recommended for usage where it is more convenient to straight bore than to drill, tap and taper bore hubs to accommodate bushings. The taper lock adapter is a taper-bored sleeve of grey cast iron which fits into the straight bore of a hub. The bushing simply fits inside the adapter, which is tapped for the bushing screws. When tightening the locking screws, the adapter is expanded against the hub bore, pressing the bushing tightly upon the shaft.

የተሰነጠቁ መገናኛዎች

Splined hubs and bushings are mechanical components commonly used in power transmission systems and other machinery to transfer torque and rotation. They consist of a hub with a series of teeth or splines on the inside surface and a corresponding bushing with matching teeth or splines on the outside surface. The splined hub and bushing are designed to fit together precisely, with the teeth or splines meshing tightly to transfer torque from one component to the other. 

What Are the Different Types of Bushings?

There are many types of bushings. Some of these are self-lubricating, while others need grease or oil. Plain bearings are commonly used in ship propellers, compressors, and steam turbines. These are economical solutions for low-speed shafting and intermittent operations. Bushings are also useful in food processing and other industries, where lubricants are often not required. They also vary in material composition, and some types are suitable for high pressure. Understanding these differences will help you choose the best type of bushing for your needs.

The first major difference between solid and split bushings is their construction. Solid bushings have the tightest OD and wall tolerances of any type of bushing on the market today. They are typically manufactured with a layer of babbitt material and seamless construction. They also avoid the machine-in-place process required in split bushings. Split bushings are generally used in low-load applications, such as shift linkages. However, we are also making split bushings available for internal transmission components.

Plain bearings, also known as bushings, are a type of that uses soft metal to reduce friction between a rotating shaft and a stationary support. The bushing is made of babbit, soft metal, or plastic, which can be either machined or fabricated.

The common types such as QD ቁጥቋጦ, split taper bushing, taper locking bushings are all available at Ever-power.

Hub Bushing

Features of Ever-power Bushings and Hubs

  • Easy to install

Installing the bushings and hubs is a simple process. Before installing any bushings, make sure the bolts have lock washers. Then, use a torque wrench to tighten them evenly and progressively. Make sure that the torque values listed on the captive screws are consistent around the entire hub. After tightening all nuts and bolts, you can remove the mating hub by loosening the screws and twisting the hub in a circular motion.

QD Bushings
  • Low Maintenance

Low-maintenance bushings and hubs have several benefits. They are low maintenance, lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable. They overcome concerns about heat sensitivity, softening and shortened life at high temperatures. In addition, they perform well in wet conditions.

Taper Lock Bushing Hub

A) Taper Bush
Different bores with keyway are available in metric and in inches.

B) Welding hubs for taper bushes
a. Taper type K weld-on hubs; b. Taper type W-WA weld-on hubs; c. Taper type F weld-on hubs;
d. Taper type S weld-on hubs; e. Taper type W weld-on hubs; f. Taper type WH weld-on hubs;

C) Taper adapters
1215B, 1615B, 2517B, 2525B, 3030B, 3535B, 4040B, 4545B
(Note: Stanard for taper bushing weld-on hubs adpot USA DODGE Co. and Martin standard. Any production and sales should be authorised. )

D) Taper bored bolt-on hubs
SM1210, SM1610-1, SM1610-2, SM2012, SM2517, SM30-1, SM30-2;

E) XT Bushing
XTB15, XTB20, XTB25, XTB30, XTB35, XTB40, XTB45, XTB50, XTB60, XTB70, XTB80, XTB100, XTB120.

F) XH hubs
XTH15, XTH20, XTH25, XTH30, XTH35, XTH40, XTH45, XTH50, XTH60, XTH70, XTH80, XTH100, XTH120;
XTH15F4, XTH15F5, XTH15F6, XTH15F8; XTH20F5, XTH20F6, XTH20F8, XTH20F10, XTH20F12; XTH25F6, XTH25F8, XTH25F10, XTH25F12;

G) Split taper bushings
G, H, P1, P2, P3, B, Q1, Q2, Q3, R1, R2, S1, S2, U0, U1, U2, W1, W2, Y0.

H)Steel hubs for split taper bushings
HG1, HH1, HCH1, HP1, HCP1, HP2, HB1, HB2, HQ1, HCQ1, HQ2, HR1, HR2, HS1, HS2, HU0, HU1, HU2, HW1;

I)QD bushings
JA, SH, SDS, SD, SK, SF, E, F, J, M, N, P;

J)QD type weld on hubs
SH-A, SDS-A, SK-A, SF-A, E-A, F-A, J-A, M-A, N-A;

K)FHPK bushings

L)FHP bushings
FHP18, FHP21, FHP22, FHP19, FHP23, FHP6, FHP7, FHP1, FHP8, FHP2, FHP11, FHP3, FHP9, FHP4, FHP10, FHP5, FHP20, FHP12, FHP13, FHP14, FHP15, FHP16, FHP17;

M)Type “B”Hubs
HB40, HB50, HB60, HB80, HB100;