The Ringlock scaffolding system is a new type of scaffolding that provides the most reliable and efficient scaffolding. We supply ring lock system scaffolding that enables workers to set up, use, and disassemble a temporary work structure with speed and efficiency, saving on time and labor costs. Ringlock is one of the market’s most sophisticated and complete scaffolding systems. We supply ring lock system scaffolding to keep components minimal and allow for simple setup and dismantling. A single rosette sits at the core of all components. With a built-in safety mechanism and high load capacity, the ring lock scaffolding system is a popular choice in many different kinds of applications. So whether you are in the market for a complete scaffolding system or need accessories that are compatible with your current ring lock scaffolding system, HZPT is your best choice to help with your next project.

Advantages of ring lock system:
1. Multi-functional. It can be composed of various types, whether it is built for exterior walls, supporting bridges, ringlock towers, or stage frames.
2. Less structure. The standard, ledger, and diagonal make the main body convenient for assembly and disassembly.
3. Product economy. Reduce labor time and labor compensation. The speed of assembly and disassembly is 4-8 times that of the tubular system and more than 2 times that of the cuplock system.
4. The bearing capacity is large, and the axial force transmission of the vertical pole makes the scaffold as a whole in three-dimensional space, with high structural strength and good overall stability. The ring lock has reliable axial shear resistance.
5. Safe and reliable. The independent wedge is inserted into the self-locking mechanism, and the insert has a self-locking function. The vertical cross-precision precision of the shaft axis and the cross-shaft axial line is high, and the force property is reasonable, so the bearing capacity is large, the overall steel degree is large, and the overall stability is vital.