Universal movement conveyor chains are specialized chains designed for light-duty closed-track suspended conveyors. They are named for their ability to navigate tight corners and curves because of their two sets of perpendicular hinges.

Key features of universal movement conveyor chains:

  • Two sets of hinges: One set of hinges is fixed on the chain link plate, while the other set is movable, allowing the chain to articulate smoothly when going around bends.
  • Closed track: Universal movement conveyor chains operate on a specially designed closed track that guides and supports the chain throughout the conveyor system.
  • Light duty: These chains are designed for lighter weight loads typically found in product assembly or finishing lines.

Universal movement conveyor chains are ideal for applications that require:

  • Product accumulation: The ability to accumulate products on the conveyor line without them falling off the chain.
  • Tight turns: Conveying products around tight corners and curves that would be difficult for traditional conveyor chains.
  • Overhead conveying: Suspending the conveyor chain from an overhead track, saving floor space.

Applications where you might find universal movement conveyor chains:

  • Automotive assembly lines: Conveying car parts such as doors, hoods, and fenders through the painting and finishing process.
  • Appliance assembly lines: Moving appliances such as washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators during assembly.
  • Food and beverage production lines: Conveying food and beverage containers through filling, capping, and labeling processes.
  • Overhead conveyor systems in warehouses: Transporting a variety of products in warehouses and distribution centers.