A wheel hub is actually a cast or machined metal element that sits in between the vehicle’s suspension and also the wheel. The hub connects the axle to your wheel and, with all the bearings support, helps make the wheel spin smoothly.
The hub includes a rim at a single finish for mounting the brake rotor or brake drum along with the wheel. The other finish has a wheel bearing within or above the hub. The mounting flange might be fixed about the steering knuckle.
On some hubs, the drive shaft can be center mounted. Other autos may have brake rotors or brake drums integrated with the wheel hub.

What does the wheel hub assembly do?

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First, the hub assembly secures your wheel to your vehicle and allows the wheel to turn freely, enabling you to steer safely.
Wheel hub assemblies are also important to your Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control System (TCS). In addition to bearings, wheel hub assemblies contain wheel speed sensors that control the vehicle’s ABS braking system. Sensors continuously communicate the rotational speed of each wheel to the ABS control system. In an emergency braking situation, the system uses this information to determine whether anti-lock braking is required.
Your vehicle’s traction control system also operates using the ABS wheel sensors. As an extension of the anti-lock braking system, the TCS system and the ABS system work together to help you maintain control of your vehicle. If this sensor fails, it could compromise your anti-lock braking system and traction control system.