EP-NMRV worm gearbox is a new type of reducer, which can also be called an RV worm gearbox. “NMRV” is a general term, which refers to aluminum case worm gearbox, which has been used to be called “NMRV worm gearbox” internationally. The main components include an oil seal, oil plug, worm gearbox, ball bearing, output shaft, worm gear, worm, output shaft, motor connecting plate (flange), output shaft cover, hexagon socket head screw, double round key, gasket, etc.

EP-NMRV series worm gear reducers have single flange input, and some have flange output or dual shaft output. The worm gear reducer could be matched with other gearboxes to reach a large ratio and torque. What’s more, due to the small size of the gearbox, it is easy to install and maintain. The NMRV worm gearboxes are manufactured with international technical requirements and possess a high technological content that guarantees high rigidity and high torque.

Additional information regarding the “NMRV” specification code: We understand that the “NMRV” code was used in our previous version as a model number but has since been registered as a trademark by Motovario company. We would like to clarify that the samples displayed during this presentation are solely intended for the purpose of allowing our existing customers to compare the model specifications and dimensions. We have already updated our model code to “EP-NMRV” and will be using this new code for any future sales. We acknowledge the importance of respecting trademark rights and avoiding any infringement. By transitioning to the new model code “EP-NMRV,” we are taking proactive measures to ensure compliance with trademark regulations and to avoid any confusion or misrepresentation. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know. We are committed to addressing any issues and maintaining a transparent and lawful business practice. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.