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Conveyor Chains with Extended Pins

Conveyor chains with extended pins, also sometimes known as attachment chains or extended pin conveyor chains, are a variation of roller chains specifically designed for applications requiring additional functionality on conveyor systems. They offer the core benefits of roller chains (strength, reliability, smooth operation) with the added versatility of extended pins.

Key Characteristics of Conveyor Chains with Extended Pins:

  • Base Roller Chain: They utilize a standard roller chain at their core, ensuring robustness and smooth operation for conveying various products.
  • Extended Pins: One or both sides of specific chain links will have a pin that extends beyond the standard roller chain link plate. This extended pin provides a platform for attaching various attachments or sprockets.
  • Универсалност: The extended pins allow for the incorporation of diverse attachments, significantly expanding the functionality of the conveyor chain. Attachments can include sprockets, hooks, flights, or other custom elements to suit specific conveying needs.
  • Customizable: The type, size, and position of the extended pins can be customized to accommodate different attachment requirements and product handling tasks.

Applications of Conveyor Chains with Extended Pins:

Due to their versatility and ability to integrate various attachments, these chains find use in a wide range of conveyor applications across numerous industries. Here are some common examples:

  • Product Diversification: On a single conveyor system, extended pins can be used with different attachments to handle various product shapes and sizes.
  • Part Hanging and Orientation: Hooks or other attachments on the extended pins can be used to suspend and precisely orient products during the conveying process.
  • Pushing or Plowing Products: Flat plates or scraper attachments can be mounted on the extended pins to push or plow materials along the conveyor.
  • Interfacing with Other Equipment: Sprockets or other custom attachments can be integrated with the extended pins to interact with other machines within the production line.
  • Specialized Conveying Needs: The ability to customize attachments allows for tailored solutions for unique conveying tasks.

Choosing the Right Conveyor Chain with Extended Pins:

Selecting the most suitable chain for your application requires considering several factors:

  • Conveyor Function: Identify the specific task the extended pins and attachments need to perform (product hanging, pushing, etc.).
  • Характеристики на продукта: The weight, size, and shape of the products will influence the chain’s load capacity and attachment design.
  • Conveyor Speed and Layout: The chain’s strength and operational characteristics must match the conveyor’s speed and layout.
  • Attachment Requirements: Determine the type and size of attachments needed for your specific application.

By carefully evaluating these factors and collaborating with a reputable conveyor chain supplier, you can select the optimal conveyor chain with extended pins to achieve efficient and customized product handling on your conveyor system.