Pintle Chain

A pintle is a mechanical handling device that transfers materials. They can be used in many different applications and are extremely versatile. Pintle chains are often used as manure spreaders and can withstand heavy loads for long periods. They are also used in wastewater facilities and can withstand high temperatures and corrosive materials. HZPT, one of the most experienced manufacturers in China, provides China pintle chains such as steel pintle chains, cast pintle chains of high wear resistance at competitive prices. Contact us now!

Pintle chains are a great solution for conveying heavy loads, and are available in a variety of materials. These chains are ideal for a variety of applications, including agricultural implements, power transmission chains, and conveyor chains. Their open barrel design prevents materials from building up on the pins and ensures a smooth operation. They are also resistant to fatigue and wear.

Benefits of Pintle Chain

Unlike other types of chains, pintle chains have bushings that reduce friction and wear. These transmission chains also feature a low surface area to minimize the risk of material getting caught in the rollers, which can happen with standard chains. In addition, pintle chains are generally very affordable. They are also used in mining and other industries that need to move materials over long distances.

Pintle chains of all classes are widely used in a wide variety of conveyor systems. These pintle chain drives offer high strength and long wear life. Unlike trough chains, pintle chains can only move in one direction, making them ideal for the handling of items. They are also ideal for cooling forgings.

Another great benefit of pintle chain drive is their speed and durability. They can move large materials over long distances and can be repaired easily. Pintle chains can also be easily cleaned and repaired. A dirty chain can cause buildup between the link and , causing an overload condition. Pintle chains also have an open barrel construction, which prevents foreign materials from getting stuck in the chain.

Pintle Chain Application

Pintle chains are used in a variety of applications, including agricultural, water, and wastewater facilities. They are durable and can handle large loads for long periods of time. In addition to their application in agricultural applications, they can also be used in corrosive environments. Because of their open barrel construction, pintle chains are suitable for a variety of applications, including spray boxes and feeder systems.

Pintle chains of all classes are used in many types of conveyor systems. Their strength and wear resistance make them an excellent choice. They are also designed to move in one direction at a time. This makes them a perfect choice for moving items from one part of a factory to another.

They're also commonly used in vehicles. Other pintle chain uses include bicycles, forage harvesters, manure spreaders, and grain handling equipment.

One class of pintle chains is the 400 class. These are very strong and cost-effective. They feature open barrels to prevent materials from becoming stuck in the chain. They are suitable for abrasive environments and are commonly used in the sugar, wastewater, and mining industries.

Pintle Chain Application

How to Maintain Pintle Chains?

Pintle chains are a type of chain that moves heavy materials over long distances. This type of chain is durable, easy to repair, and can move large materials in a short amount of time. However, pintle chains should be maintained in a clean condition to avoid foreign materials building up in the teeth of the sprocket.

Pintle Chain Sprockets

Agricultural pintle chain sprockets are usually made of fully machined steel and are more “in pitch” than cast or flame-cut sprockets. This ensures smooth operation and more consistent performance. This design also offers durability and longevity. Pintle chains are commonly used in agricultural, mining, and water treatment applications. Their open barrel construction minimizes pin surface contact with the gearing face of the chain and helps prevent seizure caused by corrosion and material build-up in the roots of the sprockets. HZPT can also provide sprockets for sale.

Pintle Chain Sprockets

Pintle Chain Features

A pintle chain is a durable, flexible chain used in many different agricultural applications. It is designed with a minimum backing distance and an open back that prevents stiff, brittle joints. Pintle chains can be used with a variety of attachments and can move a variety of materials. The chain's precision-punched holes allow for increased surface area and working load capacity. These features make pintle chains an excellent choice for many different applications.