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Conveyors system

Ever-Power specializes in designing and manufacturing industrial assembly line, which applied in the fields of electron、electrical equipment、household appliances、cooking utensils、electrical bicycle、 motorcycle、all kinds of instruments、power supply、food、medicine,etc. The products: electrical bicycle assembly line, motorcycle assembly line, instrument assembly line, light ssembly line, gearbox assembly line, installation line,print plate making part line, platform belt, cylinder assembly line, plate chain, hang conveyer belt, medicine choice conveyer belt, watering ssembly line, drier assembly line,vertical lifter,etc. We also can produce the goods at the request of customers. Now the company is one of the domestic top professional units producing assembly line. Since founded in 1995, depended on the energetical support of the masses of users and friends from all walks of life, the staff's joint efforts , the prestige of our factory improves day by day, the products of our factory are sold to all parts of the country and exported to such places as Africa , Southeast Asia etc.Therefore we have won the confidence of the masses of users.

Ever-Power assembly line is graceful on appearance and reliable on performance. We serve the cusromers from transportation, installation and debugging with short production cycle. The quality is strictly controlled according to the standard of our plant. For good after-sale service and high-efficiency style of work, the Huasheng assembly line run smoothly, safely and reliably under our perfect maintenance system. We will be in line with the service spirit that " all is satisfied with users " and enterprise aim that " the quality first , prestige will be the highest " as before , serving the masses of users believing in us!

Conveyor System

  Belt Conveyors

  Wheel Conveyors

  Roller Conveyors

  Chains Conveyors

 Overhead Chain Conveyors

 Overhead Monorail Conveyors

 Elevator Conveyors

 Production Line System

  Sort & Picking System

Surface pre-treatment & Painting equipment

pre-treatment spraying system
pre-treatment dipping system
"Ω" DISK static automatic painting  quipment
water curtain washing painting tank
Power spraying
recycling system

Automatic dustless painting system baking equipment

Other equipment: 

Every kind of assembly product line, inspection product line, environ mental protection system equipment.


Conveyor Components:

Current Collector Sleave    Sliding Power Supply Devices      Motors 
Brake    Elements of Rollers Elements of Chains and sprockets  Remote Control