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Τι είναι το κιβώτιο ταχυτήτων Bevel;

A bevel gearbox is a type of gearbox that is commonly used in vehicles. It is a mechanical device that translates rotary motion from one shaft to another shaft. The bevel gearbox is composed of two gears, one connected to the input shaft and the other to the output shaft. A bevel gearbox typically consists of two gears, one connected to the input shaft and the other to the output shaft. The input shaft has a rectangular hole in the centre and the output shaft has a hole from one side. This gearbox is most often used to power the front-wheel-drive vehicle’s differential.

How does Bevel Gearbox work?

When a drive line needs to make a turn or power several devices from one motor, bevel gearboxes are the best option. A set of driven rollers in a car assembly line, for instance, each connected to the main drive shaft at a 90-degree angle via a bevel gearbox and all powered by a single motor.

Bevel Gearboxes are also excellent for use with Screw Jack Systems, therefore the product complemented the HZPT product line well. By using drive shafts and bevel gearboxes, Power Jacks are able to mechanically transmit power from a single motor to a number of screw jacks.

Uses of Bevel Gearbox:

Bevel gearboxes are useful for lowering the input speed of a power train and increasing the torque output. They are also a great way to perform shaft alignment. They are commonly used in conveyor applications. Gearboxes are used in a variety of settings, including manufacturing, automotive, and engineering. Some specific applications where bevel gearboxes may be used include:

  • Μεταφορείς
  • Packaging machines
  • CNC μηχανές
  • Robots
  • Automotive transmissions

Advantages of Spiral Bevel over Straight Bevel in a Gearbox:

Generally speaking, spiral bevel gearboxes are more expensive than those with straight teeth, however for many installations, the advantages will exceed the price difference:

Noise: Straight teeth of the gears strike one another simultaneously as they rotate, creating a clattering sound that can be audible at medium and high speeds. Spiral teeth gradually mesh as they rotate, making the operation much quieter.

Shock loading: The quick collision of two straight teeth while they are rotating increases the chance of shock loading, which can lead to premature replacement and excessive wear and tear.

Vibration: Spiral teeth are more effective since they produce less vibration and are both quieter and smoother to operate.

Durability and toughness:

Straight teeth are more susceptible to breaking because they take more initial and sustained force. Concave (or convex, depending on which side you’re looking at) is the shape of spiral teeth. Because of their curved shape’s intrinsic strength and the fact that several teeth are constantly in contact with one another, continuous wear is minimised.

Γιατί να επιλέξετε HZPT;

Numerous applications that call for compactness, dependability, efficiency, and low noise use our gearboxes. Our expertise lies in our capacity to provide customers with bespoke designs and adaptations in addition to standard designs, enabling them to obtain the ideal solution for a particular application.

This comprises variable shaft angles, alternative gear ratios (such as 1.46:1), specific materials, and special sealing and lubrication. This explains why gearboxes are utilised in so many different applications, including manufacturing facilities, nuclear power plants, offshore and subsea installations, defence, food processing, metal production, automotive, and alternative energy. HZPT is the active manufacturer and supplier of bevel gearbox, bevel helical gearbox, pto gearbox, mixer planetary gearbox, and many others. To know more about our products and services, contact us now!

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