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Plate-top chains are a hybrid of steel roller chains and plastic plates – an ingenious way of combining the advantages of both materials. Plate-top chains use specially adapted high-quality rollers for tensile force transmission. The product load is borne by plastic flights custom-designed for the respective application, enabling the dry-running characteristics of a plastic-to-plastic pairing.

Plate top chains fitted with steel top plates are designed for abrasive and heavy-duty or high-temperature conditions. 1874 and 1864- series, with “snap-on” plastic top plates, combine the benefits of a plastic conveying surface with a precision roller base chain: less slip-stick, high working load, and accurate positioning; the replaceable top plates are clipped onto the protruding pins.

Features of Plate Top Chains

(1) High performance. The flat and smooth surface has little friction for high-performance conveying.

(2) High friction. The rubber top plates improve the surface chain to protect products from falling.

(3) Smooth and steady conveying. Straight running and side flexing types to suit different representing lines.

(4) Easy cleaning and low maintenance. Clean them with flow water or soak them in water for easy and fast cleaning.

(5) Corrosion and rust resistance. Stainless steel and other anti-corrosive materials ensure the flat op chain’s long service life.

(6) High load capacity. The chain plates have a larger loading surface than balanced weave conveyor belts and other conveyor belts made of steel wires. This way, it can load more products for heavy-duty applications.

(7) Customization. All the products can be customized according to your requirements and drawing.

(8) Wide range of applications. It serves many conveying applications in many industries, such as beverage, food processing, and glass bottling.

Plate Top Chains Applications Area

Plate top chains have a wide range of applications. Details are as follows:

  • Cheese production.
  • Pharmaceutical packing.
  • Food industry.
  • Soft drinks industry.
  • Beer production.
  • Glass bottling filling.
  • Wire industry.

Plate Top Chains Manufacturers

The company’s annual production capacity is more than 6 million kinds of transmission chains, conveyor chains, agricultural machinery chains, motorcycle chains, plate chains, engineering chains, non-standard chains, special-shaped chains, and so on, also can, according to the customer request development design each kind of chain. Products sell well worldwide and win the user’s praise. We warm for domestic and foreign customer meticulous service, welcome new and old customers to visit, and provide guidance and negotiation to achieve joint development.

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