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Washdown Duty Motors /Food Safe Stainless Steel Gear Motors

HZPT offers a complete range of sanitary-grade stainless steel anti-flush electric motors. All the stainless steel washdown duty electric motors are designed for harsh flushing environments and have inverter grades. HZPT technology is the pinnacle of sanitary design and is standard in all our motors. As one of the reliable stainless steel motors manufacturer and the exclusive manufacturer of HZPT technology products, Stainless Steel Gear Motors Offers quality, performance, reliability, and enhanced cleanability.

Our stainless steel AC motors and reducers are designed for rigorous flushing applications with a smooth, hygienic finish for easy cleaning. The stainless motors come in various designs to suit multiple applications and are customized to your specifications. We welcome requests for unusual or custom work. Our engineering department will assist professionally in determining the best stainless steel electric motor and reducer combination to meet your specific requirements.