Ever power Taper-Lock Bushings are used to mount sheaves, sprockets and pulleys on shafts. This durable stainless steel structure is perfect for food and beverage applications, as well as applications that require non-corrosive screws to prevent rusting.

Features of Stainless Steel Taper-Lock Bushings

  • Bushings are manufactured to exact tolerances.
  • Provides superior clamping force for secure shaft connections.
  • Available in popular and standard bore sizes.
  • Stainless steel bushings are corrosion resistant to prevent rusting, resulting in longer product life.

These bushings come standard in 304-grade stainless but can be ordered in other materials or grades. We stock many different sizes of stainless steel taper lock bushings in every size, from 1008 to 5050. Stainless steel bushings can be found in agriculture, wastewater, and food processing applications.

Ever power is a one-stop supplier that offers a wide range of products, customer support and quick response times.

Below is a list of standard sizes for stainless steel taper lock bushings. We are happy to make any bushing you require that isn’t listed here.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Taper Lock Bushings

Tapered bushing parts by Ever-power will refine your sprocket hubs. There are many sizes available to suit your needs. These stainless steel taper lock bushings protect any items that penetrate the hub. This bushing’s secret is its tapered shape. The bushing locks in place so that there are no problems during heavy-duty operations.

These taper lock hubs are suitable for all industrial applications. Please refer to the tolerances. The stainless-steel construction is unbeatable, as well as the detailed locking section. As an experienced taper lock bush manufacturer, we are happy to help you if you do not see the specifications you need. Each tapered lock bushing is precisely sized so that it can be easily slipped into place. Bushings that lock easily will keep your system running smoothly.

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