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The purpose of the gear coupling is to connect two independently supported shaft trains and transfer the torque, compensating relative angular, radial and axial displacement of the shafts occurring in operation.


Transmission of torque without slip and therefore with no dress in and tear to any coupling components.
No elastic factors and for that reason no aging areas.
Gear couplings are utilised for longitudinal and angular payment and to compensate for the displacement GEAR COUPLING HTB1781AaL1TBuNjy0Fjq6yjyXXaTof two components to each other.
The couplings should not, as far as feasible, produce exterior forces and preferably generate no vibrations.
Equipment couplings essentially consist of a few areas, namely two hubs (rigid factors), mounted on the shafts to be coupled, and a floating member. The hubs can be made with exterior or internal toothing. The sleeve is created to suit appropriately.


A gear coupling is a mechanical unit for transmitting torque amongst two shafts that are not collinear. It is composed of a versatile joint set to every shaft. The two joints are linked by a third shaft, referred to as the spindle.

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