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Gear Rack

A gear rack is a straight bar or strip with evenly spaced teeth along its length. It works in tandem with a gear or pinion to convert rotational motion into linear motion or vice versa.

Gear Rack

How Does Gear Rack Work?

work based on the principle of converting rotational motion into linear motion. The gear rack consists of a straight bar or strip with evenly spaced teeth along its length. These teeth are designed to mesh with the teeth of a gear or pinion.

When the gear or pinion rotates, the teeth on the gear mesh with the teeth on the gear rack. As the gear or pinion continues to rotate, the engagement with the gear rack causes it to move along the rack in a linear direction.

The interaction between the gear or pinion and the gear rack allows for the conversion of rotational motion into linear motion. By controlling the rotation of the gear or pinion, you can accurately control the movement of the gear rack.

This mechanism is commonly used in applications where precise linear motion is required, such as in machinery, automation systems, and positioning devices. The gear rack provides a reliable and efficient means of converting rotational force into linear movement, making it an essential component in many mechanical systems.

gear rack


Home Improvement

Gear racks can be found in home improvement applications such as garage door openers, sliding gates, and adjustable furniture systems.

Solar Tracking Systems

Gear racks are used in solar tracking systems to position solar panels at optimal angles to maximize solar energy absorption.

Packaging and Material Handling

Gear racks are employed in packaging machinery and conveyor systems to enable the smooth and controlled movement of products along assembly lines and in distribution centers.

Medical Equipment

Gear racks are utilized in medical imaging machines, robotic surgery systems, and patient positioning systems, providing precise linear motion for accurate diagnostic imaging and surgical procedures.

Industrial Doors and Gates

Construction Equipment

Industrial Machinery

Automotive Industry

How to choose the right one gear rack?

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Load Requirements

Determine the maximum load that the gear rack needs to handle. Based on the specific application and the desired power transmission, choose a gear rack that can meet the expected load requirements.

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Size and Specifications

Confirm the length, height, width, and pitch of the gear rack needed. These specifications should match the mechanical system of the target application, ensuring proper installation and operation of the gear rack.

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Gear Type

Determine the gear type required for the gear rack. Generally, gear racks are available in different tooth profiles such as straight (spur), helical, or bevel . Choose the gear type that matches the gear system and the desired motion characteristics.

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Material and Durability

Consider the material of the gear rack. Common materials include steel, stainless steel, and plastic. Select a material that offers the required strength, durability, and resistance to wear and corrosion for the specific application.

gear rack

Why Choose HZPT?

The company has more than 100 professional rack production equipment and testing equipment. The one-time processing length of the rack is 3000MM, the module range is M1-M30, British CP, American DP, etc., in order to better adapt to market changes. For high-end customers who demand high-precision racks, our company specially introduces rack milling machines and rack grinding machines imported from Germany. The precision of the racks produced by this equipment can reach (JIS2 level) DIN6n25 to meet various needs of the high-end market,with excellent products, affordable prices, and good service attitude, our products are exported to different countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, the United States,South Korea,Turkey,and Russia.At the same time, we sincerely hope to help customers develop new products and solve technical and quality problems. We are willing to meet the needs of users with high-quality products, fair prices, and perfect services.In short, we adhere to the principles of quality first, timely delivery, and credit first, treat every business partner sincerely, and wholeheartedly welcome friends from the business community to cooperate with us to develop together and create brilliance.Besides, EVER POWER also offers other rack products such as Gear Rack For Door Opener,gear rack for elevator,rack and pinion steering,metric gear rack,etc. Customers are welcome to inquire about customized products.

gear rack
gear rack

EVER POWER is a professional manufacturer of racks in China. Its products are mainly sold to hundreds of fixed suppliers such as domestic steel rolling mills, shipyards, precision machine tool factories, automation machinery factories and various distribution companies, and exported to Western Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. and other countries and regions. The developing HZPT currently has hundreds of employees, including many engineers, with fixed assets of 20 million yuan and an annual output value of 50 million yuan.The company has a complete set of strict quality management systems , equipped with a series of precision measuring instruments such as optical projectors and 16 full-process production monitoring systems. Currently, it has 30 fully automatic precision CNC rack-specific machine tool assembly lines as well as polishing and more than 20 general-purpose machine tools.


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