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China Hangzhou Ever-Power speed reducer(gearbox) Co.,Ltd.

is one of leading manufacturer and suppliers of speed reducer (gearbox) in China, we offer NRV worm speed reducer ( NMRV worm geared motor), Casting iron worm speed reducer, in-line helical gear speed reducer, parallel shaft helical gear reducer, helical bevel reducer, helical worm gear reducer, agricultural gearbox, tractor gearbox, auto gearbox, planetary speed reducer(gearbox), PTO shafts, special speed reducer,variators, geared motor, electric motor and many other products. OEM inquiries are also welcome.
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Worm gearbox suppliers in China

Getting high-quality worm gearboxes in China from a premium transmission manufacturer is not as easy as it sounds.

Leaving behind the old clunky, inefficient machines of an ancient era and looking to the future with new technology can be quite challenging . But fortunately, at Hzpt we are on the road to provide innovative products like sturdy gearboxes and durable worm gears made out of metal alloys.

The production of worm gears is a complex process that begins by milling metal to the correct specifications, then drilling and cutting it. Afterwards, these parts are assembled into one gear system with an input shaft on one side and output gear on another. We follow up the process accurately and skillfully to ensure we deliver the gearbox in the whole industry.

Planetary gearbox in China

Planetary gearboxes are used in numerous industries, from industrial automation systems, robotics, medical equipment, packing machines, machine tools, or other operations that require high performance. Due to the numerous uses, they are manufactured in different variants to fit all needs.

Hzpt team has been around for decades and infusing the latest technology and our years of experience we have been manufacturing planetary gearboxes in China that can handle all work.

Speed reducer in China

The speed reducer is quite common in many industries, precisely they can be found all over the world for various purposes. However, the major function of a speed reducer is slowing down the power output from the motor. The efficiency of a good reducer totally depends on its ability to transmit energy. At Hzpt we pay detailed attention to producing speed reducer and other gadgets which doest only provide fast transmission but also last for longer.

Gear reducer in China

A gear reducer is a device that changes the speed and direction of an input rotation.

It connects to two shafts, one of them spins faster as compared to the other. As it's turned on, a reduction in velocity can be accomplished without any loss due to the continuous rotation of the shafts - there's just less torque on either side during their respective reversal periods.

The efficiency reduction in velocity entirely depends on the design, and at Hzpt we especially take care of every single feature to ensure our gear reducer always delivers the best results.

Helical gearbox manufacturer in China

The productivity of helical gear is based on its design and tooth structure; they have more than one tooth in contact at a time, which makes them eligible for carrying more load. This peculiar arrangement also enables helical gears to operate quieter and smoother.

The modular design and structure of the helical gearbox offer several engineering and performance benefits. To increase the gadgets efficiency much more, we also include a high degree of interchangeable parts.

Cycloidal gearbox manufacturer in China

Cycloidal gearboxes are the best choice for motion control applications that require a high gear ratio, great water resistance quality and low friction.

Unlike the other gears, cycloidal gear's teeth are designed so that they can mesh together at their point without slipping. Due to their unique principle, they provide excellent torsional stiffness, stable backlash, low wear, and good shock load capacity. All these qualities make the gears apt for numerous uses. Understanding the uses and various aspects our Hzpt team is committed to producing high-quality cycloidal gearbox in China.

Gear motor

Gear motor is an ideal choice for applications where the load is intermittent or precisely where the speed and torque control is necessary. The device can significantly offer high torque and power density with low weight and volume. And because they are found in several industrial uses it's essential to buy a gear motor that can be reliable, effective and cost-efficient that Hzpt provides in China.

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