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HZPT Gear Rack

The gear teeth of a gear rack can be ground or milled to reduce wear. There are various hardening processes for these gears, depending on the application and the load they are expected to bear. The gear racks come in different quality levels, such as weak, inductive, and case hardened. The best gear quality is the Q4 gear quality, which offers the lowest cumulative pitch error. This quality is the most expensive, but it is highly recommended for applications with high loads.

HZPT is a leading manufacturer of custom large gears and the only supplier of flame-machined components in North America. From its central Midwest location in Milwaukee, HZPT manufactures and markets custom gears and sprockets for use in a variety of industries. The company’s proprietary flame machining process allows it to produce a uniform 125 micro finish on gears and sprockets, eliminating the need for finish grinding and polishing.

A HZPT gear rack is a versatile piece of equipment that transmits forward and backward motion in a straight line. Using gears to change the speed of rotation allows the rack to do its job without slipping. The racks are adjustable and feature spur gears of various sizes that can be installed in a variety of ways. HZPT gear racks can also be modified for specific applications, such as drilling mounting holes or cutting to a desired length.

HZPT is a leading manufacturer of custom large gears. This Midwest location allows it to offer a wide variety of products to companies across industries. The gear rack is an example of custom gear manufacturing that incorporates proprietary Flame Machining Technology. Cogmatic has many years of experience manufacturing large, custom gears and has worked with OEMs across a wide range of industries.

A HZPT gear rack can range in Diametral Pitch and length from 48 inches to one hundred and fifty inches. They feature symmetrical tooth profiles to maximize performance and minimize wear. In the past, wastewater treatment plants used sprockets and chains to move water through their wastewater treatment system. The HZPT gear rack reduced friction and vibration, lowered operating costs and required less maintenance. Additionally, it could be shipped as a complete unit or with only a few components.

Large custom gears are one of HZPT’s specialty areas. In fact, they’re the only North American company that uses flame machining to produce large gears. With a central Midwest location, HZPT’s Flame Machining Technology enables them to offer their clients a wide range of custom gear solutions. From large drive pinions to custom long racks, Cogmatic specializes in the production of flame-hardened components for a variety of applications.

Using flame machining technology, HZPT gear racks are made with asymmetrical tooth profile to reduce wear and maximize performance. In wastewater treatment plants, Cogmatic gear racks replaced chains and sprockets which require constant maintenance and friction. These gear racks also reduce noise and vibration. They’re easy to install and ship because they require minimal assembly. These racks feature a variety of mounting options, including bolt-on components.

Whether you need a rack with the highest level of precision or a standard model, HZPT has you covered. Our racks are precision-manufactured in a controlled environment to achieve the highest quality and performance. We have racks with pitch accuracies of 0.012 mm per 1,000 mm of length. They are available in straight and multi-module designs. The high-quality steel and aluminum construction makes them suitable for high-speed cutting applications.

HZPT offers more than 600 racks, ranging from simple spurs to complex, curved and ring gears. If you’re looking for a rack to drive a servo motor, we can help you find the right solution. Our racks come with automatic lubrication systems and feature a huge inventory of racks for a wide variety of applications. We have the industry’s largest selection of standard racks with DIN 4 to 12+ quality levels.


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