The finished bore sprocket is called “Type B sprocket” or “Type BS.” One side of these sprockets has a hub with a keyway and two set screws. One set screw is located above the keyway, and the second set screw is at a 90 ° angle with the keyway. Our sprockets are made of high-quality carbon steel, and the teeth are hardened to provide wear resistance. All nitro finish hole sprockets are by ANSI b29.1.

Finished hole diameter, keyway, and screw hole can be provided with finished products. Customers do not need to chase and use them immediately. They can also customize the shaft hole, keyway and screw hole, surface treatment, etc., according to customer needs.

The processing method of sprocket

For sprockets with a fixed structure and large production capacity, their processing is realized through the design of special machine tools. The advantage of using special machine tools to process sprockets is that the processing efficiency is high, and the cost is low. However, the design and manufacturing of special machine tools are complicated, and the variety of products processed is relatively single.

With the emergence and application of CNC boring and milling machines, the industry has tried to use CNC boring and milling machines to replace special machine tools for sprocket processing. The result is that the sprocket processing quality is better and supports the sprocket processing of various structural forms, but the cost of such sprocket processing is higher.
With the progress of technology, special milling cutter and particular fixture are adopted so that sprockets can be processed on an ordinary milling machine. The quality of sprockets processed by an ordinary milling machine is better, and it supports the processing of sprockets with different pitch circles. The processing efficiency is better, and the economy is excellent. It can effectively solve the problem of single-piece and small-batch sprocket processing.

Sprocket quality testing

All items are checked and tested thoroughly during every working procedure and after the product is finally manufactured to ensure that the best quality product goes out in the market.