Cutter bars and gearboxes are components of a harvesting system used primarily in the agricultural industry to mow and gather crops, such as corn and hay. Cutter bars are mounted on the harvesting machinery, usually to the front of the vehicle. Gearboxes are connected directly to the cutter bars. They are responsible for transferring power from the main engine to the cutter bar blades, allowing them to spin and efficiently mow the crop. Both components are designed for durability, providing reliable operation for various harvesting applications.

Cutter bars are often used with gearboxes to provide a wide range of capabilities. The gearbox changes the drive system’s direction, speed, and torque. The cutter bar is positioned between the gearbox and the cutting implement. It typically contains various elements, such as knives, feed rolls, and other components, which maximize cutting performance and enable the user to cut crops more efficiently. Cutter bars can be mechanical, hydraulic, or a combination, depending on the application and desired performance.

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