Oil-free Air Compressor for Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT)in Hospital

Discover premium oil-free air compressors designed for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in hospitals. Experience reliable, contaminant-free air supply ensuring patient safety and enhanced treatment outcomes. Explore our medical-grade compressors today!

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Oil Free Air Compressor

An Indispensable Source Of Pure Oxygen For Hospital Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a medical method for treating specific diseases by allowing patients to inhale pure oxygen in an environment above normal pressure. This technology uses high-concentration oxygen to accelerate oxygen absorption by cells, promote the formation of new blood vessels, and enhance the bactericidal ability of white blood cells, thus showing wide application value and importance in modern medicine.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers Have Extremely High Requirements For Compressed Air Quality

During the operation of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, there are extremely strict requirements for the quality of input air. First, the compressed air cannot contain any oil or harmful particles, because even tiny oil molecules may decompose under high pressure to form a toxic oil-gas mixture, which seriously threatens the patient's life safety and treatment effect. Secondly, the air must be highly pure to ensure that the oxygen delivered to the patient meets medical grade standards and avoids any possible cross-contamination and adverse reactions.

The necessity of oil-free air compressors

Given the extreme requirements of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for air quality, oil-free air compressors are essential. Oil-free compressors ensure that no lubricating oil is added during the compression process through unique designs (such as ceramic bearings, water lubrication or dry twin-screw technology), avoiding the risk of oil contamination from the source. This not only ensures the absolute purity of the output air, but also meets the high standards of air quality for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, thereby:

  • Ensure patient safety: Avoid respiratory irritation, allergic reactions or more serious health problems caused by oil contamination.
  • Maintain treatment effects: Pure oxygen supply helps maximize treatment efficiency and accelerate patient recovery.
  • Medical Standard Compliance: Meets international standards such as ISO 8573-1 Class 0 and meets the strict requirements of medical equipment.

The Role of oil-free air compressor in HBOT

A hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a medical device that treats specific diseases by simulating high-pressure conditions in deep sea or high-altitude environments. Its basic working principle is to create a closed environment with a pressure higher than normal atmospheric pressure (about 1-3 times atmospheric pressure) and deliver high-concentration pure oxygen into the chamber, allowing patients to inhale more oxygen.

In the high-pressure oxygen chamber system, oil-free air compressors play a crucial role. It is responsible for providing high-pressure, pure, and pollution-free compressed air to ensure the high purity and therapeutic effect of oxygen in the cabin.

Oil-free Design

Traditional compressors use lubricating oil to reduce friction and cooling, but oil molecules may enter the system with compressed air, posing a risk to patient health. Oil-free air compressors completely eliminate the risk of oil contamination by using technologies such as dry operation and ceramic or carbon fiber bearings.

Ensure Safety

Oil-free compressors ensure that the output air does not contain any oil mist or oil particles, which is crucial for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It avoids harmful byproducts that may be produced by the decomposition of oil molecules under high pressure and ensures the safety of treatment.

Maintain Treatment Quality

Pure compressed air is directly related to the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The air provided by oil-free compressors is highly pure, which can maximize the physiological effects of oxygen therapy and accelerate the patient's recovery process.

Comply With Medical Standards

The use of oil-free air compressors meets international air quality standards such as ISO 8573-1 Class 0, ensuring high standards for medical gases and meeting the strict requirements of medical institutions.

Working Principle of Oil-free Air Compressor & HBOT


hospital hbot air compressor

1.Air purification and pretreatment

Intake stage: Oil-free air compressors first inhale air from the external environment. Due to the high requirements of medical applications, the air inlet is usually equipped with a filter to remove dust, moisture and impurities in the air.

2. Oil-free compression

Compression process: The core of oil-free air compressors lies in their oil-free design. Through dry twin-screw, water lubrication or other oil-free technologies, it ensures that no oil is introduced during the entire compression process, thereby producing pure compressed air. The piston, rotor or scroll assembly in the compressor works without oil lubrication, relying on special coatings, self-lubricating materials or water films to reduce friction and cool down.

Dry twin screw

3. Intercooling and drying

Intercooling and drying: In some high-pressure oil-free compressors, especially in multi-stage compression designs, an intercooler is set to cool the compressed air, reduce the temperature rise during the compression process, and improve efficiency. The drying step removes the remaining moisture in the compressed air to prevent water vapor from condensing into water droplets under high pressure and affecting the purity of oxygen.

4. High-pressure storage and delivery

High-pressure storage: compressed and dried pure air is transported to high-pressure storage tanks for storage to ensure a continuous and stable supply of gas.
Precise control: The high-pressure air is then precisely metered and adjusted to the specific pressure and flow required by the hyperbaric oxygen chamber through the control system to meet the strict requirements for oxygen concentration and pressure during treatment.

5. Application of hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Environmental control in the chamber: Before the high-pressure air enters the oxygen chamber, part of the air will be converted into pure oxygen or mixed with externally supplied oxygen to achieve the oxygen concentration required for treatment. The pressure and oxygen concentration in the chamber are controlled by the control system

Selection Guide of Oil-free Air Compressor

Selecting an suitable for use in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a comprehensive consideration process, and the following key points need to be focused on:

Performance indicators
Pressure rangeEnsure that the compressor can provide the pressure level required to meet the operation of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, usually between 2-3 ATA (atmosphere absolute value).
Air flowAccording to the size of the chamber and the number of patients treated at the same time, select a compressor that can continuously provide sufficient air flow.
Purity levelSelect an oil-free compressor that meets the ISO 8573-1 Class 0 standard to ensure the highest purity of the output air, oil-free, water-free, and dust-free.
Noise levelThe medical environment requires low noise, and select a compressor below 60dB(A) to reduce interference with patients and medical staff.
Energy efficiency ratioConsider long-term operating costs, select energy-efficient models, and reduce energy consumption and operating expenses.
Budget considerations
Initial investmentConsider the purchase cost, installation fee, and possible modification costs.
Operating costsInclude electricity costs, maintenance costs, expected repair costs, and parts replacement costs.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)Evaluate the compressor's service life, warranty policy, after-sales service and other factors to calculate long-term return on investment.


Our Oil-free Air Compressors Are Trustworthy


Our products have won many international authoritative certifications, including but not limited to ISO 8573-1 Class 0 oil-free certification, which proves the top purity of its output air, as well as safety certifications such as CE and UL, ensuring the compliance and trust of our products worldwide. These certifications are not only a recognition of the quality of our products, but also a solid backing for the confidence of every customer who chooses ever-power.

Choosing our oil-free means choosing an efficient, safe and sustainable hyperbaric oxygen therapy solution, which is a wise decision to improve the quality of hospital medical services and optimize operating costs. We look forward to working with you to create a better future for medical health.

Ultra-long Life Filter Technology

Filter Media air compressor

Using advanced nanofiber filter material to effectively intercept tiny particles, extend the filter replacement cycle, reduce maintenance costs while ensuring continuous air purity.

Low energy consumption design

High efficiency motor air compressor

Integrating intelligent frequency conversion technology and high-efficiency motors, it saves up to 30% energy compared to similar products, enabling green operations for hospitals and reducing long-term energy consumption expenses.

Intelligent monitoring system

Intelligent monitoring system

integrated remote monitoring module, real-time monitoring of compressor operation status, early warning of potential failures, facilitating early planning of maintenance and improving system reliability.

Silent operation


Silent operation

With advanced sound insulation technology and low vibration design, the operating noise is as low as 50dB(A), creating a quiet medical environment without affecting patients' rest and treatment.

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