Oil-free Air Compressor for Printing Industry

Discover the superior benefits of oil-free air compressors designed specifically for the printing industry. Our cutting-edge technology ensures clean, dry air to enhance print quality and reduce maintenance costs. Explore our range today and elevate your printing processes with reliable, high-performance solutions that meet the stringent demands of commercial printing environments.

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Oil-Free Air Compressor: Efficient And Pure Choice For The Printing Industry

As an important carrier of information dissemination and artistic expression, the printing industry is not only the cornerstone of cultural dissemination, but also an indispensable part of modern society. It covers the production of books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, packaging materials, labels and various creative design products, and plays a vital role in promoting knowledge sharing, business exchanges and cultural diversity. With the advancement of science and technology, printing technology has experienced diversified development from traditional letterpress, lithography, gravure printing to current digital printing, UV printing, 3D printing, etc. These technological innovations have greatly improved printing efficiency, broadened the scope of printing applications, and enhanced the visual effects and personalized customization capabilities of printed products.

Printing air compressor

In this series of technological evolutions, high-quality compressed air plays a vital role. Compressed air is widely used in many links of the printing process, including paper handling, cleaning of printing equipment, driving of inkjet systems, and drying systems. Oil, moisture and impurities in compressed air will directly affect the quality of printed products, leading to problems such as oil stains, stains, blurring, uneven colors, etc. In severe cases, it may also damage precision printing machinery, such as clogging nozzles, affecting the accuracy of sensors, and increasing maintenance costs, thereby affecting production efficiency and product quality.

Therefore, oil-free air compressors are particularly critical in the printing industry. They use unique dry screw or water lubrication technology to ensure that the compressed air does not contain any oil, thus avoiding all potential risks caused by oil contamination. The contribution of oil-free compressors to ensuring printing quality is reflected in:

  • Pure output: Providing oil-free compressed air to ensure the clean surface of printed products, bright colors, clear details, and improve the aesthetics of the final product and customer satisfaction.
  • Equipment protection: Avoid the erosion of expensive printing equipment by oil molecules, reduce maintenance frequency, extend equipment life, and reduce overall operating costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: Follow the trend of environmental protection, reduce the use and treatment of oil products, reduce environmental pollution, and at the same time reduce noise pollution, create a healthier working environment, and meet the requirements of increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

The Printing Industry's Demand For Compressed Air


The impact of oil pollution in compressed air on the printing industry is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • Printing quality

    Oil pollution can cause spots, stripes or uneven gloss on the surface of printed products, seriously affecting the appearance quality, especially in high-precision printing such as packaging printing and label printing, any tiny flaws may cause the product to be scrapped.

  • Equipment maintenance

    Oil molecules enter printing equipment, such as inkjet systems, pneumatic control valves, etc., which will accumulate and clog precision parts, increase equipment wear, shorten maintenance cycles, and lead to frequent shutdowns and high maintenance costs.

  • Environmental hygiene

    Oil-contaminated compressed air may pollute the workshop environment during the discharge process, affect air quality, violate occupational health and safety regulations, and pose a threat to workers' health, especially long-term exposure to an environment containing oil mist may cause respiratory problems.

Printing air compressor 2

Printing Process Overview

Color Management

During the printing preparation stage, compressed air is used to control color measurement equipment and calibration systems to ensure accurate colors, which is essential to maintaining the consistency and quality of printed products.

Material Handling

Compressed air is used to transport, position and fix paper or film materials to ensure smooth, wrinkle-free and accurate positioning during the printing process. For example, paper feeding, cutting and stacking are controlled by pneumatic systems.

Inkjet Printing

Compressed air is used to clean and maintain the nozzles to ensure smooth nozzle flow and avoid line breakage or ink dripping. In addition, it is also used to adjust the inkjet jet, affecting the size and distribution of ink droplets, which in turn affects the printing quality.

Drying Process

During the post-printing processing stage, compressed air is often used to accelerate the drying process of ink or coating, especially in UV curing systems, where compressed air assists cooling, speeds up curing and improves production efficiency.

The Applications Of Oil-Free Air Compressor In Fermentation Industry


Vacuum paper feeding system

Paper feeding and paper delivery

  • Paper separation nozzle: The suction force generated by compressed air helps the paper separation mechanism to accurately separate individual sheets of paper, ensuring continuous and smooth feeding into the printing press.
  • Paper delivery nozzle: During the paper delivery process, the moving direction and speed of the paper are controlled by pneumatic suction to ensure the precise positioning of the paper inside the printing press.
  • Paper delivery: The vacuum paper delivery system uses the negative pressure formed by compressed air to absorb the paper and deliver it from the paper delivery table to the printing unit stably and quickly, reducing the deviation and damage of the paper.

Pressure control

  • Combined pressure of ink roller and water roller: The pressure of ink roller and water roller is adjusted through pneumatic control system to ensure the uniform distribution of ink and dampening liquid, and ensure the accuracy and consistency of printing color.
  • Position control of printing cylinder: The pneumatic system participates in controlling the precise position of printing cylinder to achieve precise alignment of printing plate.
Printing industry ink rollers
Printing industry inkjet system

Inkjet and nozzle cleaning

  • Inkjet system: In digital printing, compressed air is used to drive the inkjet head, accurately control the ejection of ink droplets, and ensure print quality.
  • Nozzle maintenance: Use compressed air to clean the nozzle to prevent clogging and ensure smooth ejection.

Pneumatic control

  • The rise and fall of mechanical parts: such as the lifting and lowering, opening and closing of ink rollers and paper clamping devices, are often completed by pneumatic control to ensure fast and accurate operation.
  • Automatic valves and brakes: In automated production lines, compressed air drives valves and brakes to control material flow and equipment movement.
printing industry
Printing industry drying

Drying and ventilation

  • Accelerated drying: In some drying processes, compressed air can assist heating or blowing to accelerate the drying of printed materials.
  • Ventilation: Keep the air flowing in the printing environment, remove harmful gases such as solvent vapor, and improve the working environment.

Handling and material handling

  • Paper handling: Between different production stages, such as printing, drying, cutting, etc., pneumatic conveyors or suction cups use compressed air to move paper.
  • Packaging and handling: Compressed air-driven equipment may also be used during the packaging, stacking and handling of finished printed products.
Printing handling and materials

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