1030-Series Sprockets

1030 series engineer class sprocket is used for a wide verity of chain sizes. These sizes include 1030, ROA40 HYPER, ROA1031, R1033, R1035, R1037, SJLR1037, 1359, RS1539, CHAMP3, MXS40, MXS1031, MSR1539, MXS3075, SS554, SS40, R1033, 1037, CHAMP 3, JS-1030 and US-1030 size chains. These sprockets are typically supplied as cast material but we can also supply them as steel for longer operation. The below chart shows the standard tooth counts as well as dimensions for each size.

Cast 1030-Series Sprockets

Tooth Face at Pitch Line: 1.250" - Roller Diameter: 1.250"

Sprocket SizeTooth CountPitch DiameterStyleHub DiameterLength Thru BoreMaximum BoreWeight (LBS)
1030C666.15"C3.00"3.00"2.44"21.0 LBS
1030C888.04"C3.00"3.00"2.44"24.0 LBS
1030C998.99"C4.00"4.00"2.44"44.0 LBS
1030C10109.95"C4.00"4.00" 2.44"43.0 LBS
1030C111110.92"C5.00"4.00"3.44"51.0 LBS
1030C121211.88"C5.00"4.00"3.44"50.0 LBS
1030C131312.85"C5.00"4.00"3.44"64.0 LBS
1030C141413.82"C5.00"4.00"3.44"73.0 LBS
1030C151514.79"C6.00"4.00"3.94"76.0 LBS
1030C161615.76"C6.00"4.00"3.94"82.0 LBS
1030C171716.73"C6.00"4.00"3.94"100.0 LBS
1030C181817.71"C6.00"4.00"3.94"105.0 LBS
1030C191918.86"C6.00"4.00"3.94"112.0 LBS
1030C202019.66"C6.00"4.00"3.94"100.0 LBS
1030C212120.63"C7.50"5.00"4.88"105.0 LBS
1030C222221.61"C7.50"5.00"4.88"130.0 LBS
1030C232322.57"C7.50"5.00"4.88"132.0 LBS
1030C242423.56"C7.50"5.00"4.88"145.0 LBS
1030C262625.51"C7.50"5.00"4.88"148.0 LBS
1030C272726.49"C7.50"5.00"4.88"165.0 LBS
1030C282827.46"C7.50"5.00"4.88"171.0 LBS
1030C303029.42"C8.00"5.00"4.94"180.0 LBS
1030C313130.39"C8.00"5.00"4.94"189.0 LBS
1030C323231.37"C8.00"5.00"4.94"193.0 LBS
1030C333332.35"C8.00"5.00"4.94"215.0 LBS
1030C34 3433.33"C8.00"5.00"4.94"217.0 LBS
1030C353534.31"C9.50" 6.50"5.88"220.0 LBS
1030C363635.28"C9.50"6.50"5.88"229.0 LBS
1030C373736.26"C9.50" 6.50"5.88"234.0 LBS
1030C383837.24"C9.50"6.50"5.88"252.0 LBS
1030C3939 38.25"C9.50"6.50"5.88"250.0 LBS
1030C404039.19"C9.50" 6.50"5.88"261.0 LBS
1030C424241.15"C9.50"6.50"5.88"300.0 LBS
1030C444443.10"C9.50"6.50"5.88"321.0 LBS
1030C464645.06"C9.50"6.50"5.88"330.0 LBS


Steel 1030A-Series Sprockets

Plate Thickness: 1.25" - Roller Diameter: 1.25"

Sprocket SizeTooth CountPitch DiameterStyleStock BoreSprocket Weight
1030A888.05"A1.5" 17.9 LBS
1030A998.99"A1.5"22.4 LBS
1030A10109.95"A1.5"28.0 LBS
1030A111110.91"A1.5"33.0 LBS
1030A121211.88"A1.5"39.0 LBS
1030A131312.85"A1.5"46.0 LBS
1030A151514.79"A1.5"60.0 LBS
1030A171716.73"A1.5"78.0 LBS
1030A191918.68"A1.5"97.0 LBS
1030A212120.63"A1.5"118.0 LBS
1030A242423.56"A1.5"154.0 LBS
1030A252524.53"A1.5"167.0 LBS
1030A282827.46"A1.5"210.0 LBS
1030A303029.42"A1.5"240.0 LBS
1030A353534.30"A1.5"327.0 LBS
1030A404039.19"A1.5"427.0 LBS
1030A424241.15"A1.5"343.0 LBS
1030A484847.03"A1.5"384.0 LBS
1030A545452.89"A1.5" 432.0 LBS
1030A606058.75"A1.5"506.0 LBS

Steel 1030C-Series Sprockets

Plate Thickness: 1.25" - Roller Diameter: 1.25"

Sprocket SizeTooth CountPitch DiameterStyleHub DiameterLength Thru BoreMaximum BoreSprocket Weight
1030C88 8.05"C5.00"3.875"3.25"31.0 LBS
1030C998.99"C5.00"3.875"3.25"36.0 LBS
1030C10109.95"C5.00"3.875" 3.25"40.0 LBS
1030C111110.91"C5.5"4.25"3.75"51.0 LBS
1030C121211.88"C5.5"4.25"3.75"57.0 LBS
1030C131312.85"C5.5"4.25"3.75"64.0 LBS
1030C151514.79"C 6.00"5.125" 4.00"91.0 LBS
1030C171716.73"C 6.00"5.125" 4.00"109.0 LBS
1030C191918.68"C6.5" 5.75"4.5"137.0 LBS
1030C21 21 20.63"C6.5" 5.75" 4.5"158.0 LBS
1030C242423.56"C6.5"5.75"4.5"176.0 LBS
1030C252524.53"C7.5"5.875" 5.375"206.0 LBS
1030C282827.46"C7.5"5.875"5.375"236.0 LBS
1030C303029.42"C7.5" 5.875"5.375"254.0 LBS
1030C353534.30"C8.0"6.125"5.5"313.0 LBS
1030C404039.19"C8.0"6.125"5.5"360.0 LBS
1030C424241.15"C8.0"6.125"5.5"410.0 LBS
1030C484847.03"C9.5"6.75"6.5"501.0 LBS
1030C545452.89"C9.5"6.75"6.5"549.0 LBS
1030C606058.75"C10.0" 7.5"7.0"642.0 LBS


We aslo offer a full range of both precision roller chain and engineered.

Applications are varied and range from conveyor, elevator transfer to broad general industrial power transmission specialty applications with attachments and/or special materials are also available.

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