6-Tooth Sprocket

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Our Sprockets is one of the nations leading suppliers of industrial chain sprockets. Our 6-tooth sprockets conform to international ISO, DIN, or American ANSI standards. We stock 6-tooth chain sprockets for a wide range of applications including; forestry, conveying, drive-sprockets, idle-sprockets, agricultural, engineer-class, and more. Not only do we supply sprockets but we also provide chain, v-belt pulleys, V-belts, electric motors, shafting, gear reducers, bearings, and a wide range of other PT components. For hard to find, custom, or OEM solutions, we make custom 5-tooth sprockets from our in-house machine shop.

6-Tooth Chain Sprocket Types

Roller Chain Sprocket

Engineer-Class Sprockets

Idler Sprockets

Additionally, we have plastic sprockets, stainless steel sprockets, and aluminum sprockets!

W6 Sprocket



  • High Quality Sprocket
  • Custom Re-Boring Available
  • Extremely Durably


Sprocket SizeTooth CountBore (A)Root DiameterOutside DiameterHub TypeWidth (B)Weight
55W661-5/8"2.62"3-3/4"W9/16"0.88 LBS
62W661-5/8"2.63"3-7/8"W11/16"0.94 LBS

667-6 Sprocket

  • High Quality Sprocket
  • Supplied As Steel Or Cast Material
  • Has C-Hub And 6 Teeth


Sprocket SizeNumber Of TeethPitch DiameterStock BorePlate ThicknessHub DiameterLength Through BoreWeight
662B6 64.350"3/4" 0.80"2"1-1/2"2 lbs
667B6 64.500"1"0.90"2-7/8"1-3/4"7 lbs
667C664.500"3/4"0.90" 3"2"8 lbs
667HB6 64.500"1"0.90"2-7/8" 1-3/4"7 lbs
667C6 64.500"3/4"0.90"3"2"8 lbs
667JB664.500" 1"0.90"2-7/8"1-3/4"7 lbs
667JC664.500"3/4"0.90" 3"2"8 lbs
667XB6 64.500"1"0.90"2-7/8"1-3/4"7 lbs
667XC6 64.500" 1"0.90" 2-7/8"1-3/4"7 lbs
667XHB6 64.500" 3/4"0.90"3"2"8 lbs
667XHB6 64.500"1"0.90"2-7/8"1-3/4"7 lbs
667XHC664.500"3/4"0.90" 3"2"8 lbs


CAST C6 Sprocket

Sprocket SizeNumber Of TeethStyle
Pitch Diameter
Hub DiameterLength Thru BoreMax BoreTooth Face at Pitch LineRoller DimeterWeight
55C66C2.77"2.00"2.00"0.94"--2.0 LBS
62C66C3.32"1.75" 1.25"0.94"--3.0 LBS
67C66C4.62" 3.00"2.00"1.81" 0.687" 0.812"6.0 LBS
78C6 6C5.22"3.50" 2.75"1.44"0.937"0.875"6.0 LBS
94C66C 8.00" 5.00"3.00"3.00"1.750" 1.5"14.0 LBS
95C66C8.00"5.00"3.00"3.00"1.687"1.5"14.0 LBS
102C66C8.00"6.00"4.00" 3.94" 1.875"1.00"33.0 LBS
102.5C6 6C 8.08"5.00"3.50"3.94"1.875"1.375"30.0 LBS
103C66C6.15" 4.00"3.00"1.94"1.125"1.218"13.0 LBS
104C66C 12.00"6.00" 4.75"4.00"4.00" 1.50" 91.0 LBS
110C66C12.00"6.00" 4.00"3.94"1.875"1.250" 63.0 LBS
111C66C 9.52"7.00"4.00"4.00"2.375"1.438"64.0 LBS
130C6 6C 8.00"4.50"3.00" 2.50" 1.000" 1.000"20.0 LBS
132C66C12.10"6.00"6.00"4.00"2.750"1.750"100.0 LBS
182C66C4.00"4.00"3.00"2.68"0.8125"1.500"10.0 LBS
188C66C 8.00" 4.00"3.00"3.44" 0.9375"1.750"15.0 LBS
196C6 6C12.00"6.00"4.00" 4.00"1.000"2.000" 33.0 LBS
197C66C12.00"6.00"5.00"4.75"1.125"2.500"45.0 LBS
348C66C11.59" 5.00"4.00"3.00"0.687"1.0625"24.0 LBS
458C66C15.58" 6.00"5.00" 5.06"0.875"1.380"63.0 LBS
667C6 6C4.50"2.50"2.50"1.50"1.000"1.062"9.0 LBS
678C66C23.34"8.00"4.50"4.00"1.187" 2.000"146.0 LBS
698C66C23.38"8.00"5.00"6.00"1.375" 2.69" 135.0 LBS
720C6 6C 12.00" 6.00"4.00"3.00"1.00"1.4375"47.0 LBS
730C66C12.00"6.00"4.00" 3.00"1.125"1.500"47.0 LBS
830C66C12.00"6.00"4.00"4.00" 1.312"1.156"58.5 LBS
E922C66C18.00"8.00"6.00"5.94"1.125"3.500"112.0 LBS
F922C6 6C18.00"8.00"6.00"5.94"1.125"3.500" 74.0 LBS
F933C66C18.00"8.00"8.00"5.94"1.250"4.000" 93.0 LBS
951C66C12.00"6.00"6.00" 3.94"1.062" 3.000"62.0 LBS
B963C66C 18.00"6.00"6.00"2.93"1.125"3.500"74.0 LBS
F963C6 6C 18.00"8.00"6.00"6.00"1.250"4.000"80.0 LBS
998C66C34.81"9.00"6.00"6.44"1.375"2.690"325.0 LBS
1113C66C8.08"4.00"3.00"2.44"1.125"2.00"24.0 LBS
1120C66C 8.00"4.00"3.00" 2.44"0.750"1.500"23.0 LBS
1131C66C12.00"6.00"5.00"3.94" 1.250"3.000"62.0 LBS
F1222C6 6C24.00" 7.50"5.00"5.94"1.000"4.500"143.0 LBS
1240C6 6C 8.13"4.00"4.00"2.31"1.750"1.750"30.0 LBS
9250C66C5.00"3.00"2.75"1.50"0.750"1.130"5.0 LBS


CC5-6 Sprocket

  • High Quality Sprocket
  • Available In A Wide Range Of Configurations
  • Fast Delivery Time
  • Extremely Durable
  • Great Performance
  • Economical pricing


Sprocket SizeNumber Of TeethStyle
Pitch Diameter
Hub DiameterPitchStock BoreRoller DimeterWeight
CC5A66A-Plate 9.000"5.500"6.000" 1.500"2.500"36 LBS
CC5C66C-Hub12.000"5.500"6.000"1.500"2.500"55 LBS


DF-6 Sprocket

  • High Quality Sprocket
  • Solid Construction
  • Split Construction Available
  • Manufactured for DF3500 Chain


Sprocket SizeNumber Of TeethStyle
Plate ThicknessPitchStock BoreRoller DimeterWeight
DF3500A66A-Plate0.575"2.500" 1.250"1.250"14.0 LBS
DF3910A66A-Plate0.575"2.500" 1.250"1.250"17.0 LBS
DF3910C66A-Plate0.575"3.000"1.250"1.250"29.0 LBS


Steel Sprocket

  • Premium Quality Sprocket
  • Extremely Durable
  • Available In Cast or Steel Material
  • Custom Bore Sizes Available


Sprocket SizeNumber Of TeethStyle
Pitch DiameterStock BoreMaximum BoreHub DiameterLength Thru BorePlate ThicknessRoller DimeterWeight
124A6A8.00" 0.938"---1.5"1.5"21.0 LBS
124C6C8.00"0.938"3.25"4.75"4.625"1.5"1.5"36.0 LBS
132A6A12.10"1.5"--2.500"2.75"1.719"90.0 LBS
132C6C12.10" 1.5"4.5"6.5"6.00"2.75"1.719"119.0 LBS
1240C6C8.13"0.938" 2.5"4.0"4.0"1.75"1.75"34.0 LBS


WD-6 Sprocket


  • Flanged & Standard Style Available
  • High Quality Sprocket
  • Best Pricing In The Industry
  • Made For WD102 & WDH102 Chain


Sprocket NumberNumber Of TeethPitchPitch DiameterShroud DiameterTooth Face
Maximum Bore
WD122-68.00"616.00"5-15/16" 11.86"8-3/4"


WH-6 Sprocket

  • High Quality Sprocket
  • Extremely Durable
  • Available In A Wide Range Of Configuration


Sprocket NumberNumber Of TeethPitchPitch DiameterStyleShroud DiameterTooth Face
Maximum Bore
WH78-4-B6 64.000"8.000"B-Hub5.680"1.000"2.4375"
WH106-A6 66.000" 12.000"A-Plate 8.892"  1.500" 4.9375" 
WH106-B666.000"12.000"B-Hub8.892"1.500" 4.9375"
WH106XHD-A666.050"12.000" A-Plate12.108"1.500"4.9375"
WRC110-66 6.00"12.00"C-Hub8.892" 1-1/2"-


X-A6 Sprocket


  • High Quality Sprocket
  • Two Styles To Choose From
  • Extremely Durable
  • Optimum Performance


Sprocket NumberStyleNumber of TeethPlate ThicknessPitchStock BoreWeight
X-348A6A-Plate60.625"3.015"1.250"19 LBS
X-458A6A-Plate60.875"4.031"1.50"47.00 LBS
X-678A6A-Plate61.000"6.031"1.500"121.00 LBS

X-C5 Sprocket




  • High Quality Sprocket
  • C-Hub Style (Hub On Both Sides)
  • Two Styles To Choose From
  • Extremely Durable
  • Optimum Performance


Sprocket NumberStyleNumber of TeethPlate ThicknessPitch DiameterHub DiameterPitchMaximum BoreStock BoreLength Through BoreWeight
X-348C6C-Hub60.625"11.649"4.000"3.015"2.440"1.250"2.750"26.00 LBS
X-458C6C-Hub60.875"15.575"5.500"4.031"3.440"1.500"4.250"68.00 LBS
X-678C6C-Hub61.000"23.302"7.000"6.031"4.440"1.500"6.000"173.00 LBS


We aslo offer a full range of both precision roller chain and engineered.

Applications are varied and range from conveyor, elevator transfer to broad general industrial power transmission specialty applications with attachments and/or special materials are also available.

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We promise will offer the best price by the high quality in china! We also accept special order about the products. If you are interested in our products. Please do not hesitate to let us know.We are pleased to give you the detailed information.We promise that our products would be safety and were in high quality and reasonable price. If you are interested in our products, please contact us asap.We are sincerely looking for your cooperation.

Most of our products are exported to Europe or Americas, both standard and nonstandard products available. We can produce as per your drawing or sample. Material can be standard or as per your special request. If you choose us, you choose reliable.

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