Australian Standard Short Link Chain

* Material: Low Carbon Steel
* Surface Treatment: Mainly Polishing, Electro-Galvanized
* Tension Grade: G30
* In Short/Mid/Long Link Series

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Australian Standard Short Link Chain

Australian Standard Short Link Chains are constructed from low-grade carbon steel and available in various link diameters. This chain type is suitable for various industrial, agricultural, and overhead lifting applications. It also offers a variety of protective finishes and packaging options. Chains can be natural, electro-galvanized, or hot-dip galvanized. Chains are made with calibrated short links designed to fit most Australian windlasses.

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different types of chain links

The materials and structures used to define the different types of link chains. Some of these chains are more flexible than others. For example, chains made of plastic or metal are more flexible than chains made of adjustable metal. Likewise, chains made of flexible materials are more flexible than chains made of steel or copper.
Cable chains are the most common chain type and consist of uniform oval or round links. Links are usually 90 degrees apart and the same size. This type of chain gives a very classic look. Another type of chain is a double-stranded or parallel chain. You can also find chains with alternating-sized rectangular or square links.
You can choose thicker and heavier metal chains if you prefer thicker metal chains. In terms of durability, thick chains with many links will last longer than thin chains with fewer links. However, if you are sensitive to metals, you may want to choose a chain with higher karat gold. Also, you can choose thin chains with more complex link designs.
A classic cable chain style is the cobra chain. This comprises several rows of alternating oriented "v" shaped flat links. It can be confusing to distinguish this style from the Boston Link chain. However, this type of cable chain is flat and also available in low profile. Anchor chains are also a classic style of chain link. It was inspired by the chains used to fasten anchors to boats. Its links are made of vertical and oval rings that make it easy to connect them.


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Properly installed sprockets can increase the efficiency of a chain-driven motion system. They can also carry heavy loads, making them essential to many chain-driven motion systems. Proper selection of sprockets is essential to ensure proper operation and prevent damage to the machine. When selecting a sprocket, consider your system's size and type of fit.
Sprocket life varies widely, depending on several factors, including riding style and conditions, chain pitch and size, and maintenance regime. Typically, a brand new steel sprocket's lifespan is less than 5,000 km. For longer life, consider using a sprocket with "hardened teeth." Hardened teeth can triple the life of the sprocket.
A sprocket is a toothed wheel that meshes with a chain as it rotates. They are different from gears because they do not mesh directly. Sprockets are used in everything from disposable cameras to professional bicycles. Besides bicycles, they are also used in various motor vehicles.

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