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B14 Flange Mounted Helical Gear Reducer


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 B14 Flange Mounted RC Series Helical Gear Reducer

Product Description

RC series helical gear reducer features:

1. The RC series helical gear motor has a reasonable design and compact structure, and is smaller than the X or B series cycloid gear motor under the same allowable torque.

2. Small vibration, low noise and high transmission efficiency.

3. The gear material is 20CrMnTi alloy steel, and the hardness can reach HRC58°~62° after heat treatment such as tempering, carburizing and quenching. All gears are precision ground, and the accuracy can reach 6~5 grades.

4. The products are mainly used in chemical machinery, cement mixing machinery, printing and packaging machinery, mining and power transmission machinery, metallurgy and other industries.

Model: RC37~RC187

B14 Flange Mounted RC Series Helical Gear Reducer
Aluminum Alloys
Hardened Helical Gears
Input Configurations
Hollow Shaft with IEC Normalized Motor Flange /Solid Shaft Input
Applicable Motors
IEC-normalized Motors and Brake Motors
Explosion-proof Motors
Inverter Motors
Servo Motors
Output Configurations
Solid Shaft with B5 Output Flange/Solid Shaft with B14 Output Flange
RC(Foot-mounted): RC01,RC02,RC03,RC04
RCF(B5 Flange-mounted): RCF01,RCF02,RCF03,RCF04
RCZ(B14 Flange-mounted): RCZ01,RCZ02,RCZ03,RCZ04
Input Speed
Input Power
1. Modular design, dismountable frame foot, optional different frame sizes and flanges
2. Aluminum housing, compact structures, light weight
3. Carburizing and grinding hardened gears, sturdy and durable
4. Multiple mounting positions
5. Low noise
Helical Gear Reducer
Helical Gear Reducer

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