Concrete Mixing Gearbox Reducer For Cement Mixer With Bullet Head Shape Output

Drum mixers are used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In these industries, they are used to mix powders and other forms of chemicals. They also mix mixtures, such as cement grout and binder grout. Other industries that use drum mixers include food and beverage, cosmetics, and agriculture.

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Where does Gearbox exist in the Cement Mixer

Gearbox Reducer For Cement Mixer is a gearbox reducer used in concrete mixers. It is located at the top of the drum of the concrete mixer and plays a crucial role.



Power transmission: The Gearbox reducer converts the high-speed rotation of the electric motor into appropriate speed and torque to drive the drum of the concrete mixer for mixing operations.
Speed adjustment: By using a gearbox reducer, the speed of the drum can be adjusted to meet different concrete mixing needs.
Torque amplification: The reducer can amplify the torque generated by the electric motor, providing sufficient power to handle the concrete mixing process.

Structure Diagram of Concrete Mixing Gearbox

cement mixer gearbox

1 9.88.19/01 Carcassa
2 9.88.19/13 Tree thickness
3 9.88.19/12 Screw thickness
4 9.88.19/02 Large flange
5 9.88.19/07 Large oil screen
6 9.88.19/09 Cap diam. 62 screw
7 9.88.19/10 Cap diam. 72 shaft
8 CH14835 Key
9 SEG55AL Seeger 55 tree
10 9.88.19/03 Small flange
11 9.88.19/05 Endless vine
12 9.88.19/06 Central tree
13 9.88.19/04 Bronze crown
14 SEG62FO Seeger 62 hole
15 9.88.01_07 Bearing 30208
16 9.88.01/06 Bearing 6211 2RS
17 9.88.01_14 Elastic plug
18 9.88.01/15 Bearing 6306 2RS
19 9.88.19/11 Bearing 30305
20 SEG72FO Seeger 72 hole
21 9.88.19/14 Small oil shield
22 or Ring 3500 O-Ring large
23 or Ring 3181 Small O-Ring
24 Screw M8 x 20 uni 5931 Screw M8 x 20 uni 5931
25 9.88.19_16 Oil cap
26 9.88.19_17 Bearing thickness G.


How does the gearbox work in a concrete mixer?

The working principle of Gearbox reducer is achieved through gear transmission. It usually consists of a set of gears, including the driving wheel and the driven wheel. The electric motor transfers power to the driving wheel, and the rotation of the driving wheel drives the driven wheel, thereby achieving changes in speed and torque.
In the concrete mixer, the Gearbox reducer is connected to the top of the drum. By converting the high-speed rotation of the electric motor into an appropriate speed and torque, the reducer causes the drum to rotate at an appropriate speed, fully mixing the concrete raw materials. This can ensure the efficient operation of the concrete mixer and obtain a uniform concrete mixture.cement mixer gearbox

  1. Power Transmission: The gearbox receives power from the motor and transmits it to the mixing drum of the concrete mixer. It converts the high-speed rotation of the motor into an appropriate speed for the drum.
  2. Speed Control: The gearbox allows for the adjustment of the drum's rotational speed, enabling the operator to control the mixing process. Different mixes and applications may require varying speeds, and the gearbox provides the necessary speed control.
  3. Torque Amplification: The gearbox also amplifies the torque generated by the motor, providing sufficient power to handle the mixing of concrete. Concrete mixing requires a significant amount of torque to rotate the drum and effectively blend the materials.cement mixer gearbox

Features of Cement Mixer Gearbox

  • Mixed mortar, plaster, grout, and concrete
  • Mix 380 lb bags or 550 lb bags
  • Remove the drum and frame from the base for transportation
  • Gearbox drive never requires maintenance
  • The wheel allows you to roll it where you need it
  • Pour into the trolley or bucket
  • False bottom prevents dry matter from sticking to the bottom
  • Powder coating prevents rust
  • 360 º rotation allows you to load from one side and unload from the other
  • Feed grout pump with agitator
  • Perfect and even mixing
  • Use indoors or in narrow spaces
  • The original mixer that will last for decades

Advantages make it perfect for adapting to cement mixers

cement mixer gearbox

  1. Corrosion resistance: Our gearbox adopts high-quality materials and precision manufacturing processes to ensure its excellent reliability and durability. It can withstand high loads and harsh working conditions, and operate stably for a long time.
  2. Efficient performance: The gearbox achieves efficient power transmission and speed control through precise gear transmission and optimized design. It can provide appropriate torque amplification and speed adjustment to meet different concrete mixing needs.
  3. Smooth operation: Our gearbox is well-designed with precise internal gear coordination, ensuring smooth operation and low noise levels. It can effectively reduce vibration and impact, providing a stable mixing process.
  4. Long lifespan: By using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, our gearbox has a longer service life. It can withstand frequent use and harsh working environments, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  5. Easy maintenance: Our gearbox is designed for easy maintenance and upkeep. They usually have good detachablity, making it easy for inspection, lubrication, and necessary maintenance work.

Application of Cement Mixer

mixers used across multiple industries. They serve the crucial function of transferring power from the drive source (usually an electric motor or a diesel engine) to the mixing drum, ensuring that the drum rotates at the appropriate speed for efficient and homogenous mixing of cement, aggregates, and water.

Concrete Mixing Gearbox For Small and medium-sized Cement Mixer

There is another cement mixer 2810 gearbox also used for cement mixers, you can click on the picture to learn more details

  • Concrete Mixing Trucks (Transit Mixers): The gearbox is a critical part of the concrete mixer truck's mechanism. It adjusts the high-speed rotation of the engine to the required low-speed, high-torque output needed to rotate the large mixing drum.
  • Stationary Concrete Batching Plants: In stationary concrete batching plants, gearboxes are used to regulate the speed of the mixing drums where the cementitious materials are combined. The right gear ratio ensures consistent mixing without overloading the mechanical components.
  • Portable Concrete Mixers: Small to medium-sized portable or towable cement mixers also use gearboxes to control the speed of the rotating drum. This enables users to manually adjust the mixing intensity according to the specific material requirements.
  • Vertical Shaft Mixers: Some specialized vertical shaft mixers utilize gearboxes as part of their design to ensure proper torque transfer for the vertical mixing action.
  • Self-Loading Concrete Mixers: These advanced machines have built-in loading, mixing, and discharging capabilities. The gearbox plays a significant role in converting the engine’s energy into the necessary force to rotate the drum and perform other movements.
  • Drum Revolving Systems: Gearboxes are integral to drum revolving systems in precast factories or on-site construction projects where large-scale continuous mixers are used.

Packing Detail of Cement Mixer Gearbox

  1.  Standard export packing or according to customer`s requirements
  2.  use a crane/forklift to load the machines into the container
  3.  use the wire to fasten the machines to keep them stable
  4.  use the cork wood to forbid collision
Cement Mixer GearboxCement Mixer Gearbox
Cement Mixer GearboxCement Mixer Gearbox

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