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Chinese Manufacturer Vacuum KMBD Roots Pump Replacement of Kinney KMBD540 KMBD2000

Our vacuum pump can perfectly replace the Kinney vacuum pump, the following is the corresponding model of Kinney. We provide customers with vacuum equipment to meet their professional needs. Main products: single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump (XD, x), two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump (2x, 2XZ), roots pump (ZJ, JP), water ring pump (SZ, 2BV, 2BEA), vacuum system (water ring closed-loop system, roots rotary vane unit, etc.), vacuum technology solution system.

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Vacuum Roots PumpChinese Manufacturer Vacuum KMBD Roots Pump Replacement of Kinney KMBD540 KMBD2000

Perfectly Replace the Kinney Vacuum Pump

Our vacuum pump can perfectly replace the Kinney vacuum pump, the following is the corresponding model of KinneyChinese Manufacturer Vacuum KMBD Roots Pump Replacement of Kinney KMBD540 KMBD2000


Operating Principle of Roots Pump

Roots pump with overflow valve (hereinafter referred to as roots pump) realizes the air extraction function through a pair of "8" shaped rotors that interact with each other and rotate synchronously and reversely. When the rotor and the pump body form a suction chamber, the two rotors are always sealed with each other, so as to ensure that the gas at the exhaust port does not flow back to the air inlet, so as to realize the function of air extraction. The reverse synchronous rotation of the rotor is realized by a pair of gears installed on the rotor shaft. Because there is no friction in the pump chamber, the roots pump can run at a high speed of 1500 ~ 3000 revolutions per second without lubrication in the pump chamber. In addition, to keep the roots pump running smoothly at high speed, it is necessary to carry out a good dynamic balance on the rotor. There is no direct contact between the rotors rotating at high speed and between the rotor and the pump body, and a certain clearance is maintained between the moving parts.

Vacuum Roots Pump
The roots pump with an overflow valve is equipped with a built-in overflow valve between the inlet and outlet. Its function is: when the pressure difference at the inlet and outlet reaches a certain value, the overflow valve will automatically open, and part of the gas at the outlet will flow back to the inlet through the opened overflow valve, which greatly reduces the operating load of roots pump and front-stage vacuum pump (hereinafter referred to as front stage pump) under high-pressure difference. At the same time, because the opened overflow valve has a strong discharge function, it can ensure that the Roots pump with the overflow valve and the front stage pump can be started at the same time without overloading the roots pump and the front stage pump, and can improve the pumping speed of roots pump unit under high inlet pressure.

Main Uses of Roots Pump

A roots pump with an overflow valve is widely used in all aspects of vacuum acquisition. It extends the working range of oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pumps under low inlet pressure, has the characteristics of small volume and large pumping speed, and has a large pumping speed within the inlet pressure range of 1 ~ 100Pa. It is especially suitable for vacuum systems requiring large pumping speed under low inlet pressure, such as vacuum drying of power transformer, power capacitor, and power transformer Vacuum impregnation treatment, vacuum heat treatment, the exhaust of vacuum smelting, pre-extraction of vacuum coating equipment, the exhaust of large-scale test wind tunnel and exhaust of lighting lamp production line, etc. If a suitable front-stage pump is selected, a roots pump can also be widely used in the process of vacuum distillation, concentration, and drying in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, light textile, and other industries.Vacuum Roots Pump

Installation instructions for Roots pump

1  roots pump shall be installed in a dry, ventilated, and clean place

2  roots pump shall be installed horizontally, and the gap between the pump and the wall or other objects shall be kept at least 300mm. The oil window part of the pump shall leave space for easy observation of the oil level.

3  when connecting the power supply, pay attention to the rotation direction of the motor. The rotation direction of the motor shaft should be clockwise from the tail of the roots pump motor.
Operation steps: turn on the three-phase power supply of the motor, jog the motor start button, and check whether the steering is correct. If the steering is opposite, replace any two of the three power connectors.

4 the pipeline connecting the roots pump and the pumped container shall be clean, dry, and leak-free. The pipeline aperture shall not be less than the inlet of the roots pump as far as possible, and the length should be short to reduce the pumping speed loss. There shall be no leakage at the pipeline connection.

5 if the extracted gas contains dust or particulate matter, a suitable air inlet filter shall be installed at the inlet of the pump to prevent dust or particulate matter from sucking into the pump chamber and damaging the roots pump and the front stage pump. (after the filter is installed, the pumping speed and limit pressure of the roots pump will be affected, and the degree of influence varies with the structural form of the filter).

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