Lemon-Shaped PTO Shaft for Agricultural Equipment

The lemon-shaped PTO shaft is a part of a tractor that helps transfer power between a tractor and the equipment it pulls. There are different types of tubes for a PTO drive shaft, and the lemon tube is one of them. The PTO shafts are square/rectangle/hex/splined/triangular/star/lemon-shaped designs. And these types have the same function and are made of the same material. 

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Lemon-Shaped PTO Shaft for Agricultural Equipment

The lemon-shaped PTO shaft is a part of a tractor that helps transfer power between a tractor and the equipment it pulls. There are different types of tubes for a PTO drive shaft, and the lemon tube is one of them. The PTO shafts are square/rectangle/hex/splined/triangular/star/lemon-shaped designs. And these types have the same function and are made of the same material. These parts can collapse and fit together like a telescope when in motion.

Lemon-Shaped PTO Shaft

Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft Specification

PTO Shaft & PTO Drive Shaft Parts
Kinds of Tractors & Farm Implements
Yoke Type
Double push pin, Bolt pins, Split pins, Push pin, Quick release, Ball attachment, Collar.....
Processing Of Yoke
Green; Orange; Yellow; Black, Ect.
Tube Type
Lemon Tube
Processing Of Tube
Cold drawn
Spline Type
1 1/8" Z6;1 3/8" Z6; 1 3/8" Z21 ;1 3/4" Z20; 1 3/4" Z6; 8-38*32*6 8-42*36*7; 8-48*42*8;

Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft Parts

Lemon Shaped PTO Shaft Specification

Lemon PTO Shaft TubingLemon PTO Shaft Yoke
Lemon PTO Shaft TubingLemon PTO Shaft Yoke

Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft Size Chart

Lemon Shaped PTO Shaft SpecificationLemon Shaped PTO Shaft Specification

How to Choose the Right Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft?

If you're looking to replace your old, lemon-shaped PTO shaft, there are a few things to keep in mind. It's easy to make a mistake when buying a lemon-shaped shaft, so read on to learn how to tell the difference between metric and North American drivelines.

Metric Tube

Metric tubing is available in three basic styles. The German style has a lemon or star-shaped shaft, while Italian-style tubing has a bell-shaped shaft. The following is a list of characteristics for each type of metric tube. If you're not sure about the right one for your machine, check your owner's manual. A few other factors should be taken into consideration.

Ensure proper power transfer by using the correct PTO shaft. The shaft must match the driveline series of the tractor. Incorrectly measuring can damage the shaft, tractor, or attached implement. It can even require the replacement of the components inside it. The following are tips for determining which shaft to purchase. Incorrect measurements can damage the shaft, causing it to fail and requiring expensive repairs. Make sure you measure your PTO shaft carefully.

North American or Metric Driveline

To determine whether a lemon-shaped PTO shaft is North American or metric, start by examining the shape of the driveline. Common shapes include rectangles, squares, and stars. A driveline that is shaped like a lemon or star is likely metric, while one that is tri-lobed is probably Italian. When determining driveline width, be sure to measure both directions of the shaft.

Then, decide whether you want to replace your lemon-shaped PTO shaft with a metric or North American version. You can use either one, but it is better to use metric. This way, your new driveline won't corrode or become damaged if it's stored outdoors. Also, remember to store the lemon-shaped PTO shaft inside when not in use to avoid rusting.

Then, choose a yoke to attach your lemon-shaped PTO shaft to the tractor. There are two basic types, Spring-Lock and Quick Disconnect. Both of these types are secured to the tractor's yoke using a push-pin mechanism. Identify the yoke connection type by counting the number of notches on the inside of the collar.

Lemon Shaped PTO Shaft

Snap Ring Location

You'll need to find out whether your lemon-shaped PTO shaft has an internal or external snap ring. These rings can be located in bushings, yokes, or both. To determine the proper snap ring location, measure the overall length and diameter of the driveline. Some series aren't uniformly wide. For example, some series have shorter cross kits than others. Make sure you measure both directions of the cross kit.

To determine the correct lemon-shaped PTO shaft for your tractor, take the measurements of your driveline. This way, you can avoid confusion about what kind of shaft to buy. If your driveline doesn't fit into the shaft, it's best to buy another one.

Lemon PTO Shaft Tubing Details

Model Number PTO Shaft Parts / PTO Shaft Lemon Tube
Function Power transmission parts
Size OEM Standard Size
Processing Of Parts Forging
MaterialC45, 20CrMnTi, 42CrMo, 40Cr, adapt custom demand
Lemon-Shaped PTO Shaft DetailsLemon-Shaped PTO Shaft DetailsLemon-Shaped PTO Shaft Details

How to Safely Operate a Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft?

A faulty lemon-shaped PTO shaft can lead to severe injuries or even death. Therefore, operators must follow all safety precautions when operating a PTO shafts tractor. First, they should use the right driveline for their tractors. They should avoid over-telescoping the shaft and should be cautious when adjusting the slip clutches. Secondly, if they are not working properly, they may be exposed to a lemon-shaped PTO shaft while dismounting the tractor or clearing crop plugs.

Next, the lemon-shaped PTO shaft should be sized correctly. There should be adequate horsepower to power the PTO shafts. Another important safety measure is to use a shield or safety chain. Lemon-shaped PTO shafts have several types of yokes: external and internal yokes. The internal yokes are welded to the drive end, while external yokes have a "Y" shape to attach to the U-joint. The female hole is more easily accessible in older models.

Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft Replacement

When your lemon-shaped PTO shaft becomes worn out or damaged, it is time to replace it. There are several different ways to do this. The cheapest option is to buy a new shaft. However, if you do not have time to find a new shaft, you may want to check out old threads or create a new one. Then, you will have a better chance of finding a unit that will work with your machine.

In order to replace your lemon-shaped PTO shaft, you will need first to determine the style and series of your old unit. Next, compare the shaft profile with the dimensions of your universal joint. Once you have this information, you can purchase the new lemon-shaped PTO shaft. If the lemon-shaped PTO shaft does not fit your machine, you can contact us to help you determine the type of replacement unit you need.

The proper PTO drive shaft is essential in order to ensure smooth power transfer. When choosing a lemon-shaped PTO shaft, match the right one with your tractor's driveline series. Incorrect measurements could cause damage to your tractor or attached implement. Ensure you follow the OEM specs when choosing a replacement PTO shaft.

Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft Application

The lemon-shaped PTO shaft is an important part of a tractor's driveline. It is responsible for transferring tractor power to attachments such as a rotary tiller, wood chipper, brush cutter, or hush hug. These types of lemon-shaped PTO shafts are commonly used on tractors and other farm and construction equipment. In addition, these types of shafts are also used in fertilizer spreaders.

Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft Application

How to Remove PTO Shaft from Tractor?

Tractors with PTO drive shafts to all types of PTO shaft-driven agricultural equipment. When the implement's PTO shaft engages the tractor's PTO drive shaft, the shaft rotates 1000 times per minute. The PTO shaft provides mechanical operation power for the implement. The male drive shaft on the tractor has splines that mate with the female drive shaft on the implement. The locking pin or button locks both together.

(1) The PTO shaft needs to be removed to disconnect the tool from the tractor.

(2) Put your vehicle's transmission in park. Engage the parking brake and turn off the ignition key. Make sure the motor is not running by listening and checking the oil gauge before climbing out of the vehicle.

(3) Facing the rear of the tractor, between the rear wheels. Check the connection position of the implemented PTO shaft to the PTO shaft spindle on the tractor. You will see a security mask covering the area.

(4) Reach under the safety guard and touch the device connector with your finger. Locate the pin or button that locks the axle to the tractor. Press the button or pin with your thumb.

(5) Rock the shaft up and down and back and forth until the PTO shaft separates from the tractor's PTO shaft spindle.

(6) Loosen all safety chains that secure the guard cover on the shaft to the tractor. The PTO shaft axis has now been removed.

Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft Accident & Safety

Power Take-Offs shafts (PTO shafts) can be found on the back of most small or compact tractors and even construction machinery. A PTO shaft is attached to the PTO of the tractor and also attachment which is powered to rotate and create a drive to equipment. However, it is also one of the most dangerous parts of a tractor. A PTO shaft with a faulty or broken guard can catch anything that comes too close and wrap it around itself before anyone can react. In many cases, loose clothes, hair, or even jewelry can become tangled up and cause an accident.

  • Before approaching the PTO shaft to perform maintenance, clear debris, connect or disconnect it, always disengage the PTO shaft, turn off the tractor, and remove the keys before leaving the power unit.
  • Don’t perform maintenance or make adjustments until the driveline and attached machinery have stopped moving completely.
  • Never step over or reach under a moving power take-off shaft or driveline, even one that is guarded.
  • Make sure PTO shafts are shielded with an enclosing type guard.
  • Do not operate any PTO shaft attachment without a properly connected guard that prevents entry into the point of operation by hands or fingers reaching through, over, under, or around the guard. The master shield (which covers the PTO stub on the tractor on three sides) should be in the down position.  The telescoping driveline guard must operate independently of the steel driveline itself and should be secured from spinning with safety chains attached to the implement.
  • Before engaging the PTO shaft and with the tractor shut off, ensure that the guard spins independently of the PTO shaft itself.
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing or dangling jewelry when working around PTO shafts. Shirts should be tucked in, jackets zipped, and sleeves buttoned. Boot laces, pant legs, overalls and coveralls can similarly become wrapped up in the PTO shaft or universal joints.  Tie back long hair to prevent entanglement and scalping. Keep your head and other body parts away from an operating PTO. Even short and secured hair can become entangled in a driveline.

Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft Accident & Safety

  • Do not attach equipment to the PTO shaft unless it is rated for the revolutions per minute (RPMs) of the PTO shaft. The most common PTO shafts are 540 rpms, but you may also encounter 1,000 rpm machines.
  • Ground personnel or observers should be required to remain a safe distance away from the equipment while in operation. No one should be allowed to ride on such attachments, regardless of whether the PTO shaft is engaged.
  • While less common, driveline separation can be another source of injury because once a PTO shaft is no longer connected at each end and a continuous shaft, it can fly in unpredictable directions at high rates of speed.
  • PTO shaft stub connection at the power unit and the attachment gearbox must be secure.
  • Universal joints must be kept in phase. This is generally addressed by the one-way-only connection of modern shafts, but be mindful of this whenever modifying PTO shafts or replacing universal joints.
  • Ensure that the telescoping PTO shaft does not compress completely at any point of the operating range and ensure that it has several inches of overlap at its greatest operating extension.

Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft Maintenance

If your tractor has a heavy-duty tractor, check for a faulty PTO shaft. Heavy equipment is subject to a lot of stress, so it's important to take the proper precautions to protect it from damage. If you notice any of these problems, immediately stop your machine and call for help. Once the problem has been resolved, you can move on to the next phase of the job. However, you should note that there are some common machining specifications that should be checked before installing a lemon-shaped PTO shaft.

A PTO shaft driveline is a crucial part of a tractor and should be properly maintained. Its main function is to transfer power from a tractor to the equipment. Without it, your tractor will not be able to drive. The PTO shaft driveline is often overlooked during routine maintenance checks, but it is crucial to the proper operation of the tractor. There are many parts to a tractor's PTO shaft driveline, so understanding them will help you to maintain the tractor as efficiently as possible.

Lemon-shaped PTO Shaft MaintenanceLemon-shaped PTO Shaft Maintenance

The PTO shaft should be greased regularly to keep the universal joints from failing and to stop the shaft from seizing. Failure to grease your shaft regularly or as outlined in the PTO shaft’s maintenance schedule could result in end thrust potentially destroying the implement’s gearbox. It is recommended to grease standard universal joints every 20 hours or 8 hours for severe conditions. Remember! Grease follows the easiest path through internal ports to the four cross bearings. Overheating and poor-quality grease baked in one port will prevent grease reaching that bearing, resulting in failure of individual cross bearings. Most importantly, ensure that you fully open the guard cover to ensure grease flows to all cross bearings. Greasing through the small guard access hole is not good enough. Also check the state of the PTO safety guards, if they are damaged or in poor condition arrange replacement assuring the safety of the operator.

Lemon PTO Shaft and Agricultural Gearbox

Before you start tearing apart your old tractor, make sure you understand the basic components of your lemon PTO shaft and agricultural gearbox. Agricultural gearboxes are integral to the performance of your tractor. Your tractor's axles and drive shafts need to be balanced, but if you fail to do so, your tractor can't turn. To determine if your gearbox is balanced, take some measurements. Then, you can determine the correct length compensation. The correct length compensation is determined by the change in distance between the input shaft and the output shaft.

Aside from the axle, your lemon PTO shaft should have the correct diameter and be lubricated. A grease gun is a must for the agricultural gearbox. The lemon-shaped PTO shaft will help to keep the gearbox from sticking to the gears and make the tractor more efficient. It is also a great way to prevent the shaft from leaking oil or damaging other parts. This will prevent leaking oil, which will damage the gearbox.

A power take-off mechanism is a mechanical gearbox mounted on the engine that enables implements to draw energy from the engine and transfer it to the implement. A PTO shaft is an integral part of the power take-off mechanism and must be strong enough to withstand the torsion and shear stresses it will experience.

Lemon PTO Shaft and Agricultural Gearbox

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