M Series Locking Assemblies

The main role of the S series locking assembly is to replace the single key and spline coupling in order to achieve the machine parts (such as gears, flywheels, pulleys, etc.) and shaft coupling used to transfer the load.

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M Series Locking Assemblies

M Series Locking Assemblies

M Series Locking Assembly Features

  • Low torque
  • Self-center
  • Self-locking
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Axial movement during clamping

M Series Locking Assembly Technical Qualification

Tolerance: Shaft h8/ Hub H8

Surface Roughness: Ra max 12.5

Ordering Code

M-004 4X8X15

Part No. d X D X L

M Series Locking Assembly Specifications

M Series Locking Assemblies

M Series Locking Assemblies

Keyless Shaft Locking Assemblies Advantages

The keyless shaft locking assemblies have the following advantages and characteristics compared with the traditional mechanical coupling method of general overfilling keyless coupling and keyed coupling.

  • Simple manufacturing and installation. The shaft and hole for installing the locking assembly do not require high-precision manufacturing tolerances like interference fit, and there is no need to heat, cool or use pressurized equipment to install the locking assembly, just tighten the screw according to the specified torque value.
  • Good interchangeability and easy disassembly. When disassembling, loosen the compression screw, then use the ejector screw to unload; you can lift the linkage state, the locking assembly and the linkage parts separated.
  • This locking device coupling can withstand heavy loads. Its structure can be made into various styles to adapt. To the installation of load requirements, a locking assembly is not enough, but also more than one tandem combination.
  • The locking assembly is a precision gapless, keyless linkage. Reliable elimination of the key transmission caused by the stress concentration roll key and other drawbacks. It has the characteristics of convenient and quick positioning, long service life, and not easy to corrode. No relative sliding in work, will not wear.
  • The locking assembly can be easily adjusted without any axial fixing in the axial installation to the required axial position size and the relative position of the parts.
  • With the expansion of the scope of application, various complex forms of mechanical coupling can be replaced by the locking assembly. Simplify the transmission structure or become an integral part of the mechanical parts, such as clearance-free elastic diaphragm couplings.
  • The locking assembly can work in the temperature range of -30ºC to 200ºC, and can be made of various materials according to the working environment and different media.

Locking Assembly

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