PTO Shaft for New Holland Square Balers 900 Models

HZPT focuses on the production and manufacturing of agricultural machinery PTO shafts and their supporting products and can provide a full set of development and support services for the design, R & D, trial production, mold opening, casting, and forging of new agricultural PTO shafts. If you have the idea of producing new agricultural machinery equipment PTO shafts, please contact us.

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PTO Shaft for New Holland Square Balers 900 Models

New Holland Square Balers Bigbaler Models: 330, 340

HZPT focuses on the production and manufacturing of agricultural machinery PTO shafts and their supporting products and can provide a full set of development and support services for the design, R & D, trial production, mold opening, casting, and forging of new agricultural PTO shafts. If you have the idea of producing new agricultural machinery equipment PTO shafts, please contact us.

PTO Shaft Assembly

PTO Catagory / RPMTractorPart Number

PTO Shaft Yokes

spline yoke for pto shaft

Part NumberDiameterNo of SplinesBorec-e LengthNotes

Tractor PTO Shaft Types

1. PTO shaft can be divided into rear type, front type, and side type according to different installation positions on the tractor;

The rear-mounted PTO shaft is mounted at the rear of the tractor and is the most common form used on tractors.

The front-mounted PTO shaft is installed in the front of the tractor, which is usually installed on the high-horsepower tractor with the rear PTO shaft. It is mainly used for joint operations. The tractor is installed in the front and rear at the same time, which can complete a number of operations at one time and greatly improve fieldwork efficiency.

Side-mounted PTO shafts are located on the side of the tractor and are used more often on small horsepower tractors.

How Do the PTO Shafts Work?

As many models of agricultural implement models lack independent power, this is where the PTO shafts jump in to help to improve the performance.

As the parts have the PTO shaft yokes – connectors at both ends to connect your machinery and implement, you can easily connect all parts and make the complete unit work well. The PTO shafts work using simple switches. Thus, they can rotate between 540 and 1,000 rpm, depending on the attached equipment.

When in use, the PTO shaft will pull the torque and power from the operating machine transmission to deliver sufficient power and energy to the attached equipment, resulting in a complete performance. And as we have previously mentioned, if you connect the equipment to the high-torque vehicle and the parts are not incorrect in size and shape, you will damage both the vehicle and the implement.

Thus, when measuring PTO shafts, ensure you use a tape measure and determine from the outside of both yokes to get the closed length.

How Do the Pto Shafts WorkHow Do the Pto Shafts Work

How to Measure PTO Shaft Parts?

Measuring the parts of the PTO shaft correctly is essential for selecting the correct PTO shaft series dimensions. Each product needs to be measured in a specific way to be consistent with the standard size. Follow these steps to ensure that the correct measurements are obtained and to order the parts required for the tractor.
1. Measuring axis
To measure the PTO shaft, first make sure that the shaft is in the closed position, at which time the shaft is the smallest. Use a tape measure to record the length of the outside of each yoke. This measurement is the closing length. Use this measurement to find the correct series size for the tractor horsepower. Make sure you also know if there are shear pins, clutches, or splined implement ends.
2. Measure the universal joint
When measuring the universal joint, measure the length from one end to the other. You also need to record the width of one end of the universal joint. Use these numbers to find the correct size of the universal joint.
3. Put them together
You need to make the above two measurements in order to find the PTO shaft parts suitable for your tractor and work normally. You can use the PTO yoke sizes chart to get the correct size or use our convenient PTO shaft series discovery tool.

How to Measure PTO Shaft Parts

How to Used PTO Shaft Correctly?

All kinds of agricultural machinery require the main engine to provide power. However, the PTO shaft is the key to the power supply of agricultural tools and machinery. The PTO shaft of agricultural machinery has the characteristics of universal transmission while carrying out power output and input. The input end and output end may not be in the same plane. According to different types, the PTO shaft of agricultural machinery with structure can make the included angle between the output end and input end reach 0-80 °, and During the working process, it can be expanded and contracted left and right within the specified range. As a good PTO shaft, it not only has a long service life but also has small vibration when working and will not cause damage to the main machine and farm tools. The PTO shafts of the baler, harvester, and rotary cultivator are customized according to the actual size and characteristics of the PTO shafts of agricultural machinery to provide the best power transmission for agricultural machinery operation. HZPT agricultural PTO shafts have the advantages of large power and long service life. Here is a demonstration of the PTO shafts of agricultural machinery produced by HZPT.

How to Used PTO Shaft Correctly
In order to fully improve work efficiency, ensure work stability, and extend the service life of machinery, agricultural machinery will also be used together. Today, we are going to give you a general introduction to how to coordinate the installation of the PTO shaft when the agricultural machinery is used together. Taking the combined baler as an example, the following PTO shaft problems should be paid attention to when it is used with the tractor.

1. when hitching the baler, the PTO drive shafts should be in line with the PTO shaft of the crawler tractor.

2. the PTO shaft assembly is an important working part for transmitting tractor power. When installing the PTO shaft assembly, it should be noted that the opening directions of the two forks of the middle PTO shafts should be located in the same plane. It is easy to install incorrectly without paying attention. If the opening directions are staggered by 90 °, it is very easy to cause damage to the PTO shaft u joint.

3. when turning at the headland, the PTO shafts shall be separated, the rotary cultivator shall be stopped, and then it shall be connected after turning; otherwise, the power will be wasted, or the PTO shaft will collide with the limit chain.

4. due to the large working resistance of the baler, it is necessary to regularly add lubricating grease to the intermediate gearbox and PTO shaft during use to reduce wear.

How to Inject Lubricating Oil for PTO Shaft?

The PTO shafts of agricultural machinery, normal commercial vehicles, and special vehicles should be regularly maintained and injected with grease to reduce wear, lubrication, heat removal, rust prevention, and sealing. The fourth point we mentioned above requires that the PTO shafts of agricultural machinery should be regularly injected with grease. How can we inject grease into the PTO shafts?

First of all, it depends on whether the bearings of agricultural machinery have oil injection holes. There is no need to add oil if the bearings have sealant. There is an oil filling hole for irregular inspection and maintenance. The agricultural PTO shaft is equipped with oil injection holes, but the lubrication injection has been done before the PTO shafts are delivered to everyone. Since the operation object of the baler is farmland when dealing with farmland all day, first clean it with a cloth and find out the oil-filling hole; The long-term operation of agricultural machinery will cause the original grease in the bearing to stick with too much dust or soil, causing the oil filling hole to be blocked. First, use a sharp object to penetrate through the oil hole and inject gasoline or thinner, shake or tap the bearing to dissolve the dirt, then rotate the bearing to drain and drain the dirty mud, and finally inject the grease.

Agricultural Machinery Used PTO Shaft Examples

PTO Shaft Application

How to Remove a PTO Shaft from a Tractor?

Tractors with power take-off (PTO) drive shafts to all types of PTO shaft-driven implements. When the implement's PTO shaft engages the tractor's PTO drive shaft, the shaft rotates 1000 times per minute. The PTO shaft provides mechanical operation power for the implement. The male drive shaft on the tractor has splines that mate with the female drive shaft on the implement. The locking pin or button locks both together.

  1. The PTO shaft needs to be removed to disconnect the implement from the tractor.
  2. Place the vehicle transmission in PARK. Engage the parking brake and switch off the ignition key. Before climbing out of the vehicle, ensure the motor is not running by listening and checking your oil pressure gauge.
  3. Facing the back of the tractor, between the rear wheels. Check the connection position of the implemented PTO shaft to the PTO spindle on the tractor. You will see a safety cover covering the area.
  4. Reach under the safety shield and touch the implement coupling with your fingers. Locate the pin or button that locks the axle to the tractor. Press the button or pin with your thumb.
  5. Shake the shaft up and down, back and forth, until the PTO shaft is separated from the tractor's PTO spindle.
  6. Loosen all safety chains that secure the shield on the axle to the tractor. The PTO shaft is now removed.

How to Remove a Pto Shaft from a Tractor

PTO Shaft Safety Precautions

  • PTO shaft guards should always be in place and well-maintained. If the guards or any other component on the PTO shaft is broken or worn the PTO shaft should be replaced immediately – we stock various PTO shaft sizes and types here.
  • Disengage the PTO shaft, turn off the tractor and ensure that it is stationary before cleaning, repairing, servicing or adjusting machinery.
  • Never step over a rotating shaft.
  • Always use your machine’s recommended driveline, and never switch them between machines.
  • Ensure that the PTO shaft driveline is securely locked onto the tractor PTO stub shaft.
  • Position the tractor’s drawbar correctly for each machine so stress is decreased on the driveline on uneven ground or turns, to prevent separation.
  • Avoid tight turns that pinch the rotating shafts between the tractor and the attachment.
  • Engage power to the PTO shaft gradually.
  • Keep an overlap of at least 40% between the two ends of the PTO shaft.
  • Avoid overtightening of slip clutches on PTO-driven machines.
  • Wear close-fitting clothing and keep your hair back while working around the PTO shaft.

PTO Shaft Maintenance & Lubrication 

  • Keep universal joints in phase (properly aligned in a parallel manner).
  • Grease the PTO shaft regularly. Most models available from HZPT have grease nipples for easy lubrication of the driveline, but the splines will need to be greased separately. Have a grease gun to hand for regular maintenance of both your PTO shaft and tractor attachments.
  • Ensure the telescope action is functioning correctly before use.
  • Ensure the external chain is secured to both the tractor and the machine to stop the PTO shaft guard from spinning.
  • Check that the PTO shaft yokes and bearings are not worn.
  • The spring in the locking mechanism on the splines must be working.
  • Ensure that any PTO shaft shear bolt or PTO shaft slip clutch upgrades are properly attached.
  • Make sure that the PTO shaft operates within its recommended speed and power rating, and which is 540 RPM for all HZPT compact tractor attachments.
  • Do not over-grease because this will attract dirt.
  • Regularly clean the shaft with penetrating oil.
  • Ensure that the draw-bar pins on the attachment do not foul or damage the PTO shaft or PTO shaft guard.

If you are ever unsure about proper PTO shaft use or maintenance, contact HZPT or any local agricultural engineer for advice. We only stock complete PTO shafts for safety and always recommend replacing PTO shafts as soon as you notice it is worn or damaged.

We Also Supply Agricultural Gearboxes

Agricultural equipment is likely to damage due to constant stress and load. It's important to know exactly what's causing the damage to identify a solution. Constant compression of a PTO shaft can damage connecting shafts and connections. In turn, a damaged tractor or implement will result. Fortunately, the average torque on an input shaft increases with ground speed. Using a PTO shaft on an agricultural tractor is one of the best ways to transfer mechanical power from the engine to the equipment. A PTO shaft is crucial for a weed eater, a tiller, or a bush hog. Proper PTO shaft sizes are vital to protect both the tractor and the equipment.

As the population continues to grow, so does the need for food. Agricultural machinery manufacturers must look for new ways to meet this growing demand. Selecting a quality replacement is essential to maximizing agricultural equipment's potential. HZPT stocks an extensive selection of agricultural PTO shafts and agricultural gearboxes. We offer both North American and Italian-style PTO shafts. In addition, the agricultural gearbox is in a wide range. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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Agricultural PTO Shaft Manufacturer

HZPT covers an area of more than 12000 square meters and employs more than 100 people. We specialize in developing, manufacturing, and selling PTO shafts, industrial universal shafts, automobile drive shafts, universal joint coupling shafts, universal joints, etc. The annual turnover is 60 million yuan and 9 million US dollars, increasing yearly. Our products enjoy a high reputation among customers in Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia, and North America. We are the top three professional OEM suppliers of many agricultural tool factories in the domestic market. HZPT adheres to our “QDP” principle: quality first, rapid delivery, and competitive price. We have obtained CE, TS / 16949, and ISO9001 certifications and have systematic production equipment and a QC team to ensure our quality and delivery. We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and establish mutually beneficial long-term cooperative relations.

Triangular End Yoke for PTO Shaft

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