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PTO Shaft Replacement of Weasler 35 Series

PTO Shaft Replacement Of Weasler 35 Series
The 35 series Yoke & Tube Assembly is a reliable PTO drive shaft yoke that is made to last. This PTO yoke features a 1-2/9 in. square bore for easy connection.

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PTO Shaft Replacement of Weasler 35 Series

The 35 series Yoke & Tube Assembly is a reliable PTO shaft yoke that is made to last. This PTO yoke features a 1-2/9 in. square bore for easy connection.

  • Shaft Length: Centerline (Center of yoke ear hole to the back of tube) 34-2/3 in.
  • Tube Outer Diameter: 2-1/9 in.
  • Tube Inner Diameter: 1-2/9 in. square
  • PTO drive shaft yoke operates at 108 HP/81 kilowatts @ 1000RPM or 70 HP/52 kilowatts @ 540 RPM for efficiency
  • PTO yoke weight: 12.06 lb.

PTO Shaft Replacement Of Weasler 35 Series

How Does Tractor PTO Shaft Work?

The PTO shaft transfers power from your tractor to the equipment of your choice. The PTO driveline is where everything that needs power on a tractor derives its power from. PTO drivelines are often overlooked during routine maintenance checks, as they are crucial in operating farm equipment.

PTO Shaft Size Importance

You must have the correct size regardless of what job you'll be using a PTO shaft to complete. The manufacturer should provide length recommendations to help you get an idea. When measuring a PTO shaft, use a tape measure and measure from the outside of each yoke to obtain the closed length. The series size should correspond with the amount of horsepower your tractor has. Two different speeds are used most commonly with tractor PTO shafts, the 540 PTO shaft and the 1000 rpm PTO shaft.

What Are the Components of the Tractor PTO Drive Shaft?

1. The tractor yoke- PTO assembly starts with this type of yoke. It is connected to the tractor and used to connect the power train. There are two main types of tractor yokes. The first type is a spring lock, which uses a spring-loaded collar to connect and release the yoke. The second type is a quick-to-disconnect, which connects with a pushpin mechanism.
The tractor yoke can also be designated as a 6-spline, 20-spline, or 21-spline, representing how it matches the connection on the tractor. This can be identified by counting the notches inside the yoke collar.
2. Cross and Bearing Kit- This u-joint connects the yokes in the PTO assembly. The cross and bearing kit will either have a snap ring located internally in the bushing or externally, meaning it can be found in the ears of the yoke.
3. Shaft Yoke- A cross and bearing kit connect the tractor yoke to the driveline shaft.
4. Shaft- The shaft is the metal rod at the core of the driveline providing its length and connecting the yoke attachments.
5. Tube- The shaft runs inside this metal cylinder adding reinforcement to the driveline
6. Tube Yoke- Attached to the end of the tube, this yoke connects the driveline to the implementation using a second cross and bearing kit.
7. Implement Yoke- This connects the driveline to the machine or device being maneuvered by the tractor.
8. Guard- A hard plastic covering is placed around the driveline to prevent damage during operation.

How Can You Tell if a PTO Shaft is North American or Metric?

The simplest way to figure out whether a PTO is North American or metric is to determine the shape of the tubing and shafting. A PTO is domestic if the tubing/shafting is square, rectangular, hex, or splined. It is metric if the tubing/shafting is a bell, lemon, or star-shaped. There are two metrics drivelines: German-style (Walterscheid brand) and Italian-style (Bondioli & Pavesi). The German-style shafting/tubing has lemon and star profiles, while the Italian has a bell-shaped design.

How to Measure PTO Shaft?

How to Measure PTO Shaft How to Measure PTO Shaft

Take two measurements from the U-joint that is on the tractor or the drive end of the PTO Shaft:

  • Measure the bearing cap diameter: Most U-joints have uniform cap diameters. Cap diameters can differ among Constant Velocity drivelines. For best practice and further accuracy, measure all caps.
  • Measure the cross-kit width, cap to cap length: You will also need to measure the U-joint from the end of the cap to the end of the cap. To get the most accurate reading and increase your likelihood of finding the right PTO shaft, remove the cross-kit from the yokes before measuring.

Keep in mind the fact that some series are not uniform in width. Measuring the cross kit both ways is the best practice to ensure accuracy.

PTO Shaft Parts

▎35N / 2200 Series PTO Drive Shaft Parts

Series Type
2-2275 1.250 3.219 outside 35N / 2200
2-2276 1.250 3.219 outside 35N / 2200 zerk in cap
200-3500 1.250 3.219 outside 35N / 2200
200-3501 1.250 3.219 inside 35N / 2200

▎35N / 2200 Square or Rectangular Parts

Bar Yoke # Solid Shaft OD Spec Square Sleeve Tube Yoke
6 Series Square Or Rectangular Parts 6 Series Square Or Rectangular Parts 6 Series Square Or Rectangular Parts
6 Series Square Or Rectangular Parts
Shield Shield Bearing Length Shield Bearing ID
902-2548 921-1200 48 2.050
69-2248 56-2200 60 2.050

▎35N / 2200 Splined Parts

Bar Yoke # Solid Shaft OD Spec Square Sleeve Tube Yoke
6 Series Square Or Rectangular Parts 6 Series Square Or Rectangular Parts
301-3500 404-2120 1.375-20 spline 502-3500 701-3500
302-3500 404-2720 1.6875-20 spline 505-3500 704-3500
6 Series Square Or Rectangular Parts
Shield Shield Bearing Length Shield Bearing ID
902-2548 921-1200 48 2.050
69-2248 56-2200 60 2.050

35N / 2200 Series Quick Disconnect Yokes

6 Series Quick Disconnect Yokes

Part Number Diameter No of Splines C-E Length QD Type
101-3521 1.375 21 5.125 collar
22-2312 1.375 6 4.750 pin
101-3506 1.375 6 5.125 collar
101-3520 1.750 20 6.125 collar
35N / 2200 Series Hex QDs
102-3518 1.125 4.750 pin

35N / 2200 Series Clamp Yokes

6 Series Clamp Yokes

35 / 2200 Splined Clamp Yokes
Part Number Diameter No of Splines Notes
35351-1011 1.25 15 splined
807-3521 1.375 21 splined
807-3506 1.375 6 splined
22-1140 1.375 6 splined
22-1105 1.375 21 splined
35191-2256 1.53 23 splined
807-3520 1.750 20 splined
807-3527 1.750 27 splined
35N / 2200 Round Clamp Yokes
Part Number Diameter Keyway Notes
35011-2029 1.375 .375 OBSOLETE
35351-1010 1.375 .375 interfering
211U9 1.50 .375 interfering
35191-1788 1.50 .375 round
35N / 2200 Hex Clamp Yokes
Part Number Diameter c-e Length Notes
35351-1001 1.125 3.00 clamp

35N / 2200 Series Straight Bores

6 Series Straight Bores

35N / 2200 Series Round Bores

Part Number Bore Key (c-e) Length
800-3516 1.00 .250 4.250
Y324 1.25 3.5
806-3520 1.250 .250 / .312 4.250
806-3522 1.375 .312 / .375 4.250
800-3523 1.4375 .375 4.250
800-3524 1.500 .375 4.250
800-3526 1.625 .375 4.250
800-3528 1.750 .375 4.250

35N / 2200 Series Splined Bores

Part Number Diameter Splines (S) Length
Y311 1.375 6 3.00
801-3506 1.375 6 4.250
801-3521 1.375  21 4.250
Y322 1.375  21 3.375
35331-1443 1.375  6 5.25
Y345 1.5  17 2.4375
35011-1153 1.5  23 4.250

35N / 2200 Series Hex Bores

Part Number Diameter c-e Length Clamp Type
35011-2193 1.125 no

▎35N / 2200 Series Yokes

35N / 2200 Series H Yokes
6 Series Yokes Part Number Length
14061-1588 1.875
35N / 2200 Series Flange Yokes
35N / 2200 Series Shear Bolt Yokes
6 / 0600 Series Flange Yokes

Tractor PTO Shaft Types

You can find in the market several PTO shaft types. So, you may get confused when looking for the right PTO shaft. Yet, it would be best if you got the correct PTO for your equipment. Hence, you need to know the features and tips for zeroing in on the right PTO shaft.

1) Transmission PTO Shaft

The earliest form of PTO shaft is the transmission PTO shaft. You directly connect it to the vehicle's transmission. This transmission type has the main disadvantage—it stops moving once the tractor starts moving. Moreover, it becomes non-operational once the tractor goes out of gear. These two are drawbacks, especially when you are mowing.

2) Two-stage Clutch (Live)

The live PTO shaft functions using a two-stage clutch. You can control the PTO shaft by pressing the clutch halfway. You can press the clutch fully to disengage the transmission. The upside of this type of PTO shaft is that you can slow down the tractor while the PTO shaft continues to operate.

3) Independent PTO Shaft

The Independent PTO shaft is a further innovation to the two-stage clutch PTO. You can activate this PTO shaft even if you have stopped the tractor or it is not moving. This means it is working independently from the transmission clutch. You can engage this PTO shaft using a lever or a button to control the PTO shaft.

The good thing about the independent PTO shaft is that it is equipped with a clutch. This clutch is operated separately from the tractor's transmission. The separate PTO shaft also comes with two subtypes—mechanical and hydraulic.

Tractor PTO Shaft Types

How to Remove a Pto Shaft from a Tractor?

Tractors with power take-off (PTO) drive shafts to pull all PTO shaft-driven implements. The PTO shaft provides the tool with mechanical operating power. When the implement's PTO shaft engages the PTO driveshaft of the tractor, the shaft turns 1,000 times per minute. The male driveshaft on the tractor has splines that mate with the female driveshaft on the implement. A locking pin or button locks the two together. You need to remove a PTO shaft to disconnect and implement from the tractor.

Place the vehicle's transmission gear in the park. Engage the parking brake and turn the ignition key off. Ensure the motor isn't running before climbing out of the vehicle by listening and looking at your oil pressure gauge.

Face the backside of the tractor, between the back wheels. Look where the implement's PTO shaft connects to the tractor's PTO spindle. You'll see a safety shroud covering this area.

Reach underneath the safety shroud and feel around the implement shaft coupling with your fingers. Locate the pin or button that keeps the shaft locked to the tractor. Depress this button or pin it with your thumb. Wiggle the shaft up and down and back and forth until the PTO shaft uncouples from the tractor's PTO spindle.

Unhook any safety chains holding the shrouds on the shaft to the tractor. The PTO shaft is now removed.

Remove PTO Shaft

There will be instances when the abovementioned steps fail to remove the PTO Shaft from the tractor. In such a case, you may try some of the following tricks and tips to disengage the PTO shaft from the tractor:

Using a Hammer

If the PTO shaft seems to be adamantly engaged with the tractor, you can force the issue and use a hammer to ease out the PTO shaft from the tractor. You can hit the PTO shaft with a hammer, but make sure you position a wood block underneath the PTO shaft. You don't have to hit the PTO shafts with so much force. Sometimes, you only need to give it a gentle nudge, which will loosen it up.

However, if the hammering doesn't work, you can apply more momentum to your hammer to wiggle free the stuck PTO shaft. But when using more force, you should take extra precautions to avoid destroying the components of the shaft, including its bearings and other parts. You do not want to end up with a damaged PTO shaft.

Remove Pto Shaft

By Lubricating the Connection

If the cause of the jamming of the PTO shaft is corrosion, you can employ the lube method. If the PTO shafts sit outside waiting for the next episode of using it, they will indeed corrode. The onset of rust will undoubtedly happen, especially if the PTO shafts are exposed to moisture, and you don't run the PTO shafts with grease for a long time.

To remedy the problem of a PTO shaft getting stuck onto the tractor due to rust, you should lubricate the shaft with enough lubricating oil. In this way, you can ease it out of its engagement. Let the lube sits there for a while. Then, try to disengage the PTO shaft again. If it doesn't budge, pour more oil onto it. Afterward, let it sit there for a while before attempting to pull it off the tractor.

If it does not disengage, then nudge it with the sledgehammer. If it's still stuck, you can heat the periphery of the coupler a bit. Afterward, tap the PTO coupling again to budge it. The combo of light taps and heat will give in to the stubborn PTO shaft.

You can also use WD40 to soak the stubborn parts. It will also aid in loosening the shaft. Penetrating oil may take some time to show its effect on the rusting PTO shaft. So, it will help to reapply it over and over again.

Use the Pry Bar to Disengage PTO Shaft

Another way to disengage the PTO shaft from the tractor is by dismantling the PTO shaft assembly. First, you must knock out the pits to get enough elbow room. Then, dismantle the PTO shield. This is not complicated to do, so you will get by with this problem if you are used to tinkering.

Afterward, you can get yourself a pry bar. Start prying while moving around. The thing is, you need to dismantle any stubborn locking mechanism. These locking mechanisms may be pins or balls. You will indeed succeed in dismantling these locking mechanisms.

But if the shaft doesn't budge, you must sacrifice the coupler, yet you should do it as a last resort. If you are unsuccessful with all these methods, you can find a good grinder to cut everything apart. Of course, you need to do it with care and longitudinally. Refrain from damaging the tractor's PTO gears, for it is more expensive to replace than the coupler.

PTO Shaft Removal Additional Tips:

Aside from being aware of the abovementioned methods of disengaging stubborn PTO shafts, it will also help if you know the following additional tips:

  1. The abovementioned methods for disengaging the PTO shaft will only work well if the PTO shaft is still not broken or cracked. But you should only employ extreme measures if the splines are already worn-out or twisted.
  2. Ensure that you turn off the tractor's engine before you even dare remove the PTO shaft from it. This is a crucial reminder, for if you ignore it, you may end up witnessing a terrible accident that may be fatal or harmful to others or yourself.
  3. You can concoct your penetrating oil if you don't want to rely on the WD40. You can use a mixture of diesel and ATF with a 50:50 ratio.
  4. Refrain from forcing or wrestling the shaft away from the tractor by using a chain to tie up the PTO coupler, then drive forward the tractor to disengage the PTO coupler. This method may backfire and cause injuries. Moreover, you may end up with a damaged PTO shaft and tractor.
  5. Ensure that you follow all the safety protocols and wear the necessary safety gear when engaged in the abovementioned methods for disengaging the PTO shaft.
  6. Refrain from disengaging the PTO shaft from a moving tractor, for it may cause severe injury or even death.

PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearbox

A PTO shaft for an agricultural gearbox is an integral part of an agricultural implement or tractor. Agricultural equipment such as tractors combines, and harvesters use the PTO shaft. These components are subjected to high loads and stress, and it is vital to find out why they failed in the first place. Constant shaft compression can damage connecting shafts and even the tractor and implement. And PTO shaft for the agricultural gearbox is secured with a safety shield at both ends and can be f und on implements and tractors. A PTO shaft can be welded to the drive end using a universal joint, while the rear shaft can be w lded directly to the tractor.

PTO Shaft and Gearbox

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