Ringlock Scaffolding System for Building Construction

Ringlock Scaffolding System is a modular scaffold system that can significantly save labor costs while meeting the demands for safety, ease of handling, and reductions in maintenance. It enables workers to set up, use, and disassemble a temporary work structure with speed and efficiency, saving on time and labor costs.

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Ringlock Scaffolding System is a modular scaffold system that can provide significant savings in labor costs while meeting the demands for safety, ease of handling, and reductions in maintenance. It enables workers to set up, use, and disassemble a temporary work structure with speed and efficiency, saving on time and labor costs.

Ringlock Scaffolding Parts/Components

Of course, there need to be components to make up the entirety of a Ringlock scaffolding structure. Similar to most types and categories of scaffolding, the names and terms are remarkably identical, if not entirely equal.

Standards / Verticals

Standards are considered the most relevant component in a ringlock scaffolding system because it serves as a connection point for all other members. Without a bar, you wouldn't be able to connect ledgers to brackets and many other features.


Ledgers are the components that bring standards together, ensuring they're just far from each other. It's used by connecting it at two (2) ends of each criterion, so they become conjoined.

Diagonal Braces

Many people think that diagonal braces are similar to ledgers and are just positioned diagonally. However, that's not entirely true. Yes, they're manufactured the same as ledgers, but instead of having it the same way, the ends are welded and made with a diagonal plug.

Truss Ledgers

Truss ledgers are components designed to allow higher loads to the scaffolding system. It's like added support at the top tube so it can carry more force, stress, and weight without experiencing shakiness on the scaffolding system.

Side Brackets

These are what are considered extensions of a scaffolding system. Usually positioned at the end of a scaffolding system, side brackets would widen the steel planks' broad area for a more flexible working environment for the personnel.

Steel Planks

The steel planks are the parts or components used as the working space or area of the workers or the personnel. Steel planks are typically fixated and installed on the ledger so the workers wouldn't have trouble slipping or sliding through it.

NOTE: The steel planks' surface part is usually coated with a non-stick coating.

Lattice Girders

These are also used for support or added weight on the platforms. This enables scaffolding systems to carry and hold twice the weight they were initially made for!

NOTE: You will also find other or secondary components in the names and labels of wood toe boards, steel stairs, transoms, collars, and others!

Main specification

Vertical Pipe(Standard)48.3*3.2mm with a spigot(Hot dip galvanized or painted)
Product code Specification(mm) Weight(kg) Material Surface treatment
TY-RV050 48.3*3.2*500 3.06 Q345/Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RV100 48.3*3.2*1000 5.56 Q345/Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RV0150 48.3*3.2*1500 8.05 Q345/Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RV0200 48.3*3.2*2000 10.55 Q345/Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RV0250 48.3*3.2*2500 13.04 Q345/Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RV0300 48.3*3.2*3000 15.54 Q345/Q235 galvanized/painted
Horizontal Pipe(Ledger)48.3*3.2mm with ledger head (Hot dip galvanized or painted)
Production Code Specification(mm) Weight(kg) Material Surface treatment
TY-RH073 48.3*3.2*730 3.68 Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RH104 48.3*3.2*1040 4.48 Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RH109 48.3*3.2*1090 5.08 Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RH140 48.3*3.2*1400 6.28 Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RH157 48.3*3.2*1570 6.94 Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RH207 48.3*3.2*2070 8.88 Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RH257 48.3*3.2*2570 10.83 Q235 galvanized/painted
TY-RH307 48.3*3.2*3070 12.77 Q235 galvanized/painted
Diagonal Brace Pipe(Brace)48.3*2.5mm with brace head(Hot dip galvanized or Painted)
Product Code Specification(W*H) Weight(kg) Material
TY-RDB2120 730*2000mm 8.29 Q235
TY-RDB2230 1040*2000mm 8.60 Q235
TY-RDB2250 1090*2000mm 8.67 Q235
TY-RDB2400 1400*2000mm 9.15 Q235
TY-RDB2490 1570*2000mm 9.40 Q235
TY-RDB2810 2070*2000mm 10.37 Q235
TY-RDB3180 2570*2000mm 11.50 Q235
TY-RDB3580 3070*2000mm 12.72 Q235

Applications of Ringlock Scaffolding System

The main functions and uses of the Ringlock scaffolding:

  • Support for construction formwork (including road, tunnel, viaduct, and other bridge constructions), especially for high-attitude formwork supports;
  • Scaffolding on external walls of high and low buildings, workshops, elevated water towers, power plants, oil refineries, overpasses, span scaffolds, chimneys, etc., as well as support designs for special facilities.
  • Large, medium, and small warehouse shelves (three-dimensional shelves);
  • Working platform for high-altitude operation of decoration engineering and electromechanical installation, internal and external scaffolding of ship repair and construction industry;
  • Large-scale concert stages, background stands, sports meets, temporary stands, stair systems, viewing stands and stage scaffolds, etc.;
  • Mobile sheds for construction units.
Adjustable Safety Steel Ringlock Scaffolding Ringlock Scaffolding For Bridge Construction

Galvanized Allround Ringlock Scaffolding

Heavy Duty Steel Material Ringlock Scaffolding

Company Information

The company has an independent R & D team, import and export rights, global sales network that can provide customers with comprehensive scaffolding solutions. Products mainly include hot-dip galvanized steel tube; galvanized metal plank, hot-dip galvanized ring lock scaffolding, scaffolding couplers, frame systems, steel props, and so on; hot product sales at home and abroad are widely used in construction engineering facades, building support bridges, tunnels, chimneys, power plants, oil and petrochemical projects.

The factory has ten production lines, processing lines, 4,000 square meters of production workshop, 4,000 square meters of warehousing, and 10,000 square meters yard, with an annual output of 200,000 tons, and has more than 10,000 tons perennial spot. "Customer-centric, continue to meet customer needs, improve customer satisfaction" is the long-term development basic strategy. In the future, "high-quality products are a bridge to the world" for this purpose, we will continue to provide customers with "the best quality of products, the most comprehensive sales service, the lowest market price" to enhance customer market competitive advantages.

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