Scaffold Steel Toe Board for Construction Material

It is a long steel plate set on the ledgers equipped with scaffold planks. It is almost as high as the instep; therefore, it is called a steel toe board. It is mainly used to prevent objects from falling off when they roll to the steel toe board and prevent workers from falling.

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Scaffolding toe boards are essential for roof safety; these wooden or metal planks act as protective barriers preventing workers, materials, and equipment from slipping away and being knocked off to the ground dangerously. Scaffolding platforms support numerous workers and equipment; hence there is a higher risk of materials being knocked over the side of the medium, causing severe injuries to the below workers. For this reason, toe boards on scaffolding are considered a mandatory requirement while working on elevated surfaces.

Furthermore, the boards are essential to the scaffolding system because they safeguard workers from lower body imbalance issues. If a worker’s foot accidentally slides forward, the toe board will prevent it from passing over the edge and drastically reduce the chance of injury and fatality. These are the reasons why every worker needs a scaffolding toe board.


Q235 steel

Products Parameters

Item No.DescriptionWeight (KGS)Weight (LBS)
RTB0730.73M Toe Board2.535.57
RTB1091.09M Toe Board3.547.80
RTB1401.40M Toe Board4.309.47
RTB1571.57M Toe Board4.8710.73
RTB2072.07M Toe Board6.3113.90
RTB2572.57M Toe Board7.8517.29
RTB3073.07M Toe Board9.3920.68

The Application of Scaffold Steel Toe Board

Toe boards have adjustable features. That is because the toe board scaffold can be adjusted in length according to the varying size of the scaffold. Additionally, it is best practice to use the boards in conjunction with the purpose and function of handrails wherever there is a risk of tools and objects falling from the edge, as it provides added protection to both workers and pedestrians. It also possesses side flanges with removable fasteners for securing the toe board to the planking of the scaffold through direct securement.

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