Self Color G80 Link Chain

* Material: Alloy Steel
* Surface Treatment: Self-Color, Polishing, Blackened, Painted, Plastic Coating, Hot-dip Galvanize, Electro-Galvanized, Etc
* Tension Grade: G80/G100

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Self Color G80 Link Chain

The Self Color G80 Link is an alloy steel sling with high load carrying capacity and is available in a variety of diameters. It can also be blackened, painted, or galvanized to provide various finish options. The G80 link has a maximum diameter of 36mm, making it ideal for heavy lifting applications.
This universal chain comes in various colors and sizes and can be made in various shapes, including loops and hooks. It is commonly used in anchor chains and drag chains and has a yellow chromate finish. Made from heat-treated alloy steel, the natural G80 chain is one of the most versatile types available. It is available in sizes from 3/16" to 1/2" and is usually packaged in barrels.
This heavy-duty chain is certified for overhead lifting and applications requiring incredible strength. It is made of a very durable and rust-resistant alloy steel mix. It also has a black paint finish and is a durable, low-cost option. These chains are available at Elite Sales in a variety of sizes and styles. They meet strict standards set by the American Chain Manufacturers Association.

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Self Color G80 Link Chain

Ring chain always leads the new development of technology and new products
and value-added services. Over the years, link chains have been created, applied,
And provide real growth for customers entering new markets.
Chain links are widely used in all walks of life.
1. Decoration, Protection; Lifting; Traction, etc.
2. Fishing boat chain; Mining chain; Cement hoisting circular chain

Self Color G80 Link Chain Self Color G80 Link Chain

Features of high-strength chains

High tension chains are one of the transport and link chains available on the market. It is usually made of thick metal and has ring links. The end of the chain usually has two hooks for grabbing and pulling the load. This type of chain is available in different sizes and specifications, this type of chain is ideal for various lifting applications.
High Strength Chain High strength and lightweight. The steel used is made of special analytical alloy steel, quenched and tempered to increase its tensile strength. It also meets or exceeds current government and OSHA specifications. It is durable and can be used in a variety of applications including construction, mining, and industrial applications.
High tension chains are available in a variety of grades. The grade is determined by the tensile strength of the base metal. The higher the grade, the greater the breaking strength. This helps industry professionals decide which type of chain is best for different types of applications. Likewise, galvanized chains vary by the carbon content of the metal. For example, a grade 30 chain has a lower carbon content than a grade 40 chain and is suitable for service applications.
High-strength chains are available in tensile strengths of 500 and 700 MPa. The strength of high-strength chains is affected by temperature and size. For example, an overhead lifting application may require a grade 80 or 100 chains with a higher tensile strength than grade 40 or 43. Industry professionals should consider applicable standards and regulations when selecting the right chain for a specific application.


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Properly installed sprockets can increase the efficiency of a chain-driven motion system. They can also carry heavy loads, making them essential to many chain-driven motion systems. Proper selection of sprockets is essential to ensure proper operation and prevent damage to the machine. When selecting a sprocket, consider your system's size and type of fit.
Sprocket life varies widely, depending on several factors, including riding style and conditions, chain pitch and size, and maintenance regime. Typically, a brand new steel sprocket's lifespan is less than 5,000 km. For longer life, consider using a sprocket with "hardened teeth." Hardened teeth can triple the life of the sprocket.
A sprocket is a toothed wheel that meshes with a chain as it rotates. They are different from gears because they do not mesh directly. Sprockets are used in everything from disposable cameras to professional bicycles. Besides bicycles, they are also used in various motor vehicles.

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