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Tractor PTO Spline Shaft

A tractor PTO spline shaft is used to connect a PTO drive engine to a tractor or implement. There are various tractor PTO spline shaft types due to different classification.

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Tractor PTO Spline Shaft

A tractor PTO spline shaft is used to connect a PTO drive engine to a tractor or implement. There are various tractor PTO spline shaft types due to different classifications. They can be classified into 6 spline PTO shaft, 8 spline PTO shaft, 10 spline PTO shaft, 21 spline PTO shaft, etc. by splines. Read on to find out which one you need. The following tractor PTO spline shafts are some of the most common ones.

6 Spline PTO Shaft

The 6 spline PTO shaft is a vital component of many farm machines. They provide a stable connection between different pieces of machinery. A 6 spline PTO shaft transfers power from the tractor to the attachment, enabling it to do work. As such, different manufacturers produce different types of these shafts. Therefore, farmers must ensure that they choose the right type of shaft to keep their machines in working condition. In addition, they need to choose one that has features such as durability, lightweight construction, and quality.

The 6 spline PTO shaft can be used with three-point implements. Its splined end gives it maximum flexibility, allowing it to be adjusted from 53 inches to the recommended 77 inches. This 6 spline PTO shaft is ideal for heavy-duty applications, and it is available in various sizes to suit different needs. It is able to withstand the maximum torque and is designed to provide durability.

HZPT stocks a variety of 6 spline PTO shafts and other related accessories, including tubes, clutches, and shaft covers.


PTO Spline Shaft PTO Spline Shaft

21 Spline PTO Shaft

The 21 spline PTO shaft is one of the many types of PTO drive shafts available from HZPT. The 21 spline PTO shaft is available in a wide range of sizes, including 1-1/8", 1-1/2", and a 1-1/8".

The 21 spline PTO shaft transfers tractor power to a PTO-powered attachment. PTO shafts are often found on mowers, wood chippers, rotary tillers, brush cutters, and fertilizer spreaders. But 21 spline PTO shafts are used far beyond that, too, with tractors, lawn and garden tractors, and lawnmowers. If you have a Power Take Off tractor, you may be in need of a 21 spline PTO shaft.

If you're in need of a new 21 spline PTO shaft, HZPT offers a heavy-duty version. Made of premium-quality steel, this 21 spline PTO shaft comes complete with a yoke and U-joint for attachments. This 21 spline PTO shaft is designed for a flexible and versatile design that fits all PTO-powered equipment and is versatile enough to fit multiple applications.


PTO Spline Shaft PTO Spline Shaft

540 to 1000 PTO Spline Shaft

PTO spline shafts are typically between 540 and 1000 rpm. A farm tractor with a 540-PTO spline shaft will not work with a 1000-PTO model. A dual PTO tractor will allow for easy connection. For those looking for a high-quality PTO shaft, PTO Spline Shaft with Slip Clutch Driveline produced by HZPT is an excellent choice. This PTO spline shaft has multiple functions. The shaft's slip clutch driveline will keep the two parts in place and secure. It is also available in two-piece designs to suit any farm tractor.

This durable and long-lasting PTO spline shaft connects to almost all types of tractors and implements. Just make sure you check the model number of the implement you are using. Our PTO spline shaft is compatible with many different models and makes. The PTO spline shaft is designed for both general purpose and robust uses and has a one-year warranty.

Depending on the attachment, a PTO spline shaft may be short or long. HZPT experts can help you decide which PTO shaft is best for your needs.

Tractor PTO Spline Shaft

Benefits of Tractor PTO Spline Shaft

If you are planning to install a PTO on a tractor, you should know that there are many benefits to choosing a spline PTO shaft. The length of a tractor PTO spline shaft can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of implements.

A PTO is an attachment that powers a tractor. Most PTO-powered attachments are attached to tractors and can rotate at different speeds. They are commonly used with rotary tillers, brush cutters, and wood chippers. Some tractors are fitted with 1-1/8-inch PTO spline shafts and can be converted with a slip-on adapter.

When purchasing a spline PTO shaft for your tractor, you should know the dimensions of the PTO. This is the industry standard for PTO shafts. A spline PTO shaft must be 35 hp or less, and the distance between the tractor and the implement must be within the dimensions shown below. You will also need to know how much horsepower your tractor has to run the mower and the implement you need to fit it on it.

PTO spline shafts are important components of the tractor's power take off, which transfers power from the engine to an attachment. PTO spline shafts can be purchased for various tractor models, and HZPT's knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you in choosing the right one.


Tractor PTO Spline Shaft


HZPT Tractor PTO Spline Shaft Packaging

Tractor PTO Spline Shaft Packaging Tractor PTO Spline Shaft Packaging Tractor PTO Spline Shaft Packaging

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