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UD Series Planet Cone-disk Stepless Speed Variator

UD Series Plant Cone-disk Stepless Speed Variator UD0.18,UD0.25, UD0.37,UD0.55,UD0.75, UD1.1,UD1.5,UD2.2,UD3,UD4,UD5,UD7.5

UD series planet cone-disk stepless speed variator is a kind of advanced infinitely variable speeds fitted at present. The structure compactness is small with stable operation and low noise.

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UD Series Planet Cone-disk Stepless Speed Variator


1.Brief introduction

UD series planet cone-disk stepless speed variator is a kind of advanced infinitely variable speeds fitted at present both at home and abroad. It is novel in design, the appearance is beautiful, the structure is unique. The strength of receiving of transmission is balanced, performance is reliable and long-lived; The structure compactness is small. It is low to operate the steady noise. Easy to operate to change speed level. Positive and negative direction turn round, transfer speed need go on of turning round very; The whole secret seal and can used in moist, many dusts, have a slight working environment of corrosivity. Gear ratio heavy, suitable for continuous work operation, and can among load according to need speed of regulating, Meet craft parameter changeable or equipment that change in succession most; Coordinate the several speeds of operation of turning round between the units in the transmissions of several sets of equipment; Slow to start rapidly then specified speed equipment that ranges turn round. Awl one has no one grade of derailleurs to used in the food extensively in the planet, Packaging, chemical industry, pharmacy, light industry, textile, pottery, plastics, printing,etc. trade and various kinds of needs and adjust production transfer machines, give and fail the thread, and assemble the assembly line that requires rapidly.

2. Model & mark

3. Performance parameter

4. Outline & installation size

5. Notice

For guarantee a stepless derailleur of awl uses normally in planets, please pay attention to the following items:
1.machinery stepless compared with gear wheel transmission, load not ultra the bad in ability so the unsuitable to may used in by load not ultra or stop up and last occasion of using derailleur.
2. transfer because there aren't speed, forbid and rotate and transfer when not parking by speed handwheel.
3. install output shaft shaft coupling or can't at not bringing wheel of, press with axle hole, spiral shell of end, or heat and assemble, Forbid hammers to hit .
4. join already lubricating oil at not dispatching from the factory, use and should change 1000 hour later by lubricating oil for the first time, The trade mark of the lubricating oil is the stepless derailleur special-purpose oil of UB-3. ( the lathe research institute of Guangzhou produces)
5. operate by nut not ventilative in box at being dispatch from the factory for preventing in not carrying oil spill it is be urgent to fasten already, Must unclamp while operating, has forbidden not unclamping and using .
6. operate by two end of box it transfer there aren't speed limit location screw.
7. should keep and mark at oil highly, should last oil level height often user for 2/3 derailleur lubricating oil . Forbid using in case of lubricating badly .

6.WJ/F install the sketch map in hanging type

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