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Silent Chain

Silent Chains

All silent chains are made up of stacked rows of flat, tooth-shaped driving links that mesh with sprockets having compatible tooth spaces, much the way a rack and pinion mesh. Typically, chains will also contain guide links, whose purpose is to maintain proper tracking of the chain on sprockets. Washers or spacers may be present in some chain constructions. All of these components are held together by riveted pins located in each chain joint. Although all silent chains have these basic features, there are still many different styles, designs, and configurations.

Note: Chains must always be accompanied by compatible sprockets. When considering different silent chain designs, it is essential that sprocket compatibility also be considered.

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Features of Silent Chain

Silent chain, or inverted tooth silent chain, is a type of chain with teeth formed on its links to engage with the teeth in the sprockets. Silent chains drives are not truly silent. The links in a silent chain drive, however, engage with the sprocket teeth with little impact or sliding, and as a result a silent chain produces less vibrations and noise than other chains. The amount of noise generated by a silent chain drive depends of many factors including sprocket size, speed, lubrication, load, and drive support. A link belt silent chain includes removable links joined by rivets or interlocking tabs. These chains offer the advantage of installation without dismantling drive components, reducing inventory, and increasing temperature ranges.

Silent Chain Vs Roller Chain

Silent chains provide a smooth, durable, flat conveying surface that operates with less vibration and velocity variation than other conveying products. Chains are manufactured from hardened steel components, making them long lasting and tolerant of elevated temperatures. They are available in a variety of standard widths and constructions or can be easily built to suit a specific application.
(1) Higher speed and power capacity
(2) Reduced noise and vibration
(3) Greater efficiency
(4) Less velocity variation
(5) Higher efficiency (as high as 99%)
(6) More uniform wear characteristics
(7) Longer sprocket life
(8) Less affected by chordal action

Silent Chain Applications

Silent chain can be used in a variety of power transmission and conveying applications. When used in power transmission applications, silent chains are able to transmit loads at speeds in excess of other types of chains and belts. In addition, silent chain drives transmit power more efficiently and with less noise and vibration. Silent chains are also used in conveying applications because their conveying surface is durable, resistant to heat, is flat, and non-slip. Silent chains from different manufactures are different in design; parts should not be used interchangeably.

Silent Chain Sprocket Design

Silent chain sprockets and their associated chains are designed to transmit high power at high speeds. They are much quieter than a typical sprocket system due to their rolling and little sliding mechanism of action. Paired with a chain, they are used in conveying transmitting power between rotating shafts that are at center distances too long for one set of gears. For more details, pleases do not hesitate to ask us!

Silent Chain Manufacturers

We are a manufacturer of silent chains in China. Our offered chain is manufactured in conformity with international standards using quality-approved raw materials with the help of advanced machinery. Silent chain drive, especially for the power transmission. Found in a wide variety of demanding industrial and automotive applications. We offered a silent chain that is extensively demanded in the industry due to its features like corrosion resistance, less vibration, less noise, high tensile strength, and durability. Generally expressed in inches, the most common are 375 in, 500 in, 750 in, 1.000 in, 1.500 in, etc. Available in various sizes, speeds, lubrication, load, and drive support. Our prestigious clients can avail of our silent chain at a very reasonable price.
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