Worm Gear Screw Jack

The worm gear screw screw jack is used for lifting, lowering and propelling functions through the worm gear drive screw. It is widely used in machine reduction, metallurgy, construction, water conservancy, chemical industry, etc. It has compact structure, small size, convenient installation, good reliability and stability. High performance, long service life, etc.

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Worm Screw Jack

Worm gear screw jacks are basic lifting components with compact structure, small volume, light weight, wide power sources, no noise, easy installation, flexible use, multiple functions, multiple supporting forms, and high-reliability Long service life, and many other advantages. It can be used individually or in combination, and can accurately control and adjust the lifting or pushing height according to certain procedures. It can be directly driven by a motor or other power, or it can be manually driven. It has different structure types and assembly types, and the lifting height can be customized according to user requirements.

SWL series worm gear screw jacks are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, water conservancy equipment, and other industries. They have many functions, such as lifting, lowering, propelling with the aid of accessories, overturning, and various height and position adjustments.

Worm Gear Screw Jack Features:

  • compact structure, small size, and lightweight
  • available driven by electric motors or manually by hand crank
  • multiple structure forms, flexible use
  • convenient installation
  • cost-effective
  • can be customized according to requirements

SWL Series Worm Gear Screw Jack Structural Design:

Structural form Type Ⅰ: axial movement of the screw rod Type Ⅱ: the screw rod rotates and the nut moves axially
Assembly type Type A – a rod (or nut) moves upward Type B — screw rod (or nut) moves downward
Screw Jack Structural Form
Screw head type The screw head of Type 1 structure type includes Type I (cylindrical type), Type II (flange type), Type III (threaded type) and Type IV (flat head type); The screw head part of type 2 structure is of type I (cylindrical type) and type III (threaded type)
Screw Jack Screw Head Type
Transmission ratio Normal speed ratio (P), slow speed ratio (M)
Lifting the bearing capacity 2.5,5,10,15,20,25,35( × 10kN) seven kinds
Protection of screw rod Type 1 structure includes basic type, anti rotation type (F) and type with protective cover (z); Type 2 structure includes basic type and type with protective cover (Z)
Screw Jack Screw Protection

Type Ⅰ Structural Style Worm Gear Screw Jack


Type Ⅱ Structural Style Worm Gear Screw Jack

JW Series Screw Jack Types:

JWM Series Trapezoid Screw Jack JWB Series General Ball Screw Jack
JWM Series Trapezoid Screw Jacks JWB Series Ball Screw Jacks
JWM series trapezoid screw jacks are suitable for low-speed and low-frequency applications. Its main components are a precision trapezoidal screw pair and high-precision worm gear pair.

  1. Economical price, compact structure, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.
  2. Low speed and low frequency: mainly used in places with a heavy load, low speed, and no need to work frequently.
  3. Holding load: trapezoidal screw rod has an automatic locking function, which can hold load even without a brake device.

Note: When subjected to large vibration and impact load, the self-locking function may be invalid. In this case, apply the brake device.

JWB series general ball screw jacks are applicable to high-speed, high-frequency, and high-performance devices. The main components are precision ball screw pairs and high-precision worm gear pairs.

  1. High efficiency: only a small driving source can generate a large driving force
  2. High speed: Compared with a trapezoidal screw rod, the speed is greatly improved, and it can operate easily and at high speed.
  3. Long service life: high-quality ball screw is used to increase its service life by more than 3 times.

Note: Since it has no self-locking function, it is necessary to apply a braking device or select a driving source with braking.

  • JWM010
  • JWM025
  • JWM050
  • JWM100
  • JWM150
  • JWM200
  • JWM300
  • JWM500
  • JWM750
  • JWM1000
  • JWB010
  • JWB025
  • JWB050
  • JWB100
  • JWB150
  • JWB200
  • JWB300
  • JWB500

Worm Gear Screw Jack Model Selection Guide:

Step 1: Select the corresponding model according to your load capacity requirements,

Step 2: Confirm the reduction ratio: 1/6, 1/12, or 1/24. If you need a special speed ratio, please contact our sales team.

Step 3: Determine the head form of the screw, there are cylinder type, nut type, flange type, thread type, and flat head type for your option.

Step 4: Confirm the screw length or stroke you need. The default stroke is 500mm, and the screw length can be customized according to different needs.

Step 5: Confirm the accessories you need, such as matching motors, hand wheels, protection tubes for screws, dust cover, anti-rotation functions, nuts, etc.

Please contact us freely if you have specific requirements.

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Worm Gear Screw Jack Applications:

Worm gear screw jacks are available to be used in transmission devices and numerical control actuators in the machinery industry, roll motion devices in the metallurgical industry, ladle lifting and turning devices in steelmaking plants, and motion transmission devices in places beyond the reach of people, and vehicle lifts in the railway vehicle industry, large flexible clamping, indexing tooling, welding robots, lifting devices in the construction industry, automatic or remote control opening devices for large doors and windows, gate opening devices for water conservancy and other industries, radar and solar remote sensing devices, medical equipment, lifting stages and lifting devices in the automobile manufacturing industry, as well as transmission devices in aerospace, defense and military, etc.
Worm Gear Screw Jack Applications
Worm Gear Screw Jack Applications

Customized Worm Gear Screw Jack

We are the factory with the ability to customize the worm gear screw jack to your specific requirements for your application. Please share detailed information including your use scenario, required loading capacity, reduction ratio, power source, stroke length, and other requests. Our sales and technical team will provide solutions and drawings for your confirmation.

Contact us now to get your customized worm gear screw jack.

Customized Worm Gear Screw Jack
Customized Worm Gear Screw Jack
Customized Worm Gear Screw Jack

Professional Worm Gear Screw Jack Manufacturer

With over 10 years of professional manufacturing experience, our specialized workers always produce worm gear screw jacks with refined craftsmanship and consistent quality. Whether working on large volume orders or simply 1 set, our standardized production process makes sure you get the same level of high-quality worm gear screw jacks at a short lead time.

  • Well-trained Staffs
  • Extensive Manufacturing experience
  • Fully-equipped Production Workshop
  • Well-established manufacturing standard
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