A single-stage AC hzpt motor induction electric motor is a brushless motor designed with a single stator coil. We offer state-of-art, rugged products such as for example TRIACs, thyristors and AC switches, allowing engine speeds to become regulated in various methods, depending on the cost and overall performance requirements of the ultimate application.

Bi-directional drives
When a electric motor with a long term phase-shift capacitor is used, the direction of rotation could be reversed by way of two AC switches connecting the phase-change capacitor in series with either of both stator windings.

Phase-controlled drives
We offer a silent and cost-effective variable speed drive with an innovative topology to regulate motor speed. A simple phase-control switch can be used to vary acceleration by changing the engine torque.
Motors designed relative to certain requirements of IEC 34 family members and relevant harmonized specifications derived within the EEC
External surface ventilation
Aluminium or die-cast aluminium alloy cage rotor
Insulation class F or H
Degree of protection IP55
Unified size and shaft heights from 63 to 100
Power ratings and measurements in accordance with IEC 72-1 from 0.12 to 2.2 kW
Polarity: 4
Over-temperature compatible with Class B
Ambient temperature + 40°C
Altitude < 1.000 m above sea level