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Drop forged chain is a type of chain that is created by using a process known as drop forging. This process involves using a hammer and anvil to form the chain links out of a single piece of metal. This type of chain is stronger and more durable than other types of chain because of the forging process. Drop forged chain is often used in many industrial applications such as conveyor systems, agricultural machinery, and the lifting of heavy objects. It is also used in more specialized applications such as waste-to-energy systems, fossil fuel power utilities, chemical plants, cement, and pulp and paper production.

Types of Drop Forged Chain

Drop forged chain comes in a variety of types, including standard drop forged chain, X-type drop forged rivetless chain, 4B drop forged chain, and drop forged conveyor chain(fork link chain). Standard drop forged chain is typically made from carbon steel or high-strength alloy steel and is used in industrial and agricultural applications. X-type drop forged rivetless chain is made from hardened alloy steel and is used in agricultural and industrial applications. 4B drop forged chain is a manufacturer of many well-known elevator bolt types. Drop forged conveyor chain(forged fork link chain) is used in bulk material handling of different products such as grain, coal, and ash. The breaking load and core/surfa.

Drop Forged Rivetless Chain

Drop forged rivetless chain is a type of conveyor chain made up of hardened SAE 1053 carbon steel links and thoroughly hardened SAE 4140 alloy steel pins. It is used extensively for flight conveyors, overhead conveyors, and a number of other material-handling applications. It benefits from a robust and simple construction with a good strength-to-weight ratio, making it a good choice for use in heavy-duty applications. The chain is available in a variety of sizes, including X348 chain, X458 chain, X658 chain, X678 chain, and more, with different pitches, pin diameters, widths inside, and overall length over rivet length for each.

X348 ChainX458 Chain

X348 Chain

X458 Chain

Drop Forged Rivetless Chain Applications

Drop forged rivetless chain is highly regarded as one of the strongest chains ever developed, and has found widespread application in many industries. Because materials do not tend to pack in its open structure, drop forged rivetless chain is used extensively for flight conveyors. Its design permits both horizontal and vertical operation over irregular routes, making it particularly adaptable for trolley conveyor service.

Special features of this chain include maximum strength without excessive weight, and resistance to lengthening even after extensive operation.

Drop Forged Rivetless Chain Applications

Drop Forged Conveyor Chain(Forged Fork Link Chain)

Drop forged conveyor chain is a type of chain used in a wide range of applications in many industries. It is made of special heat-treated high-grade alloy steel, which is case-hardened to Rockwell C57-62 with a ductile core hardness of Rockwell C40-C45. The chain is available in a range of sizes and can be equipped with plastic or steel scrapers. It is also available in stainless steel for corrosive applications.

Drop Forged Conveyor Chain Links Types

Single-strand Drop Forged Chain LinkTwin-strand Drop Forged Chain Links

Single-strand Drop Forged Chain Link

Twin-strand Drop Forged Chain Links

Drop Forged Chains Material Options

Drop forged conveyor chains are also commonly referred to as drop forged chains and have been in production for hundreds of years. Common applications include mining, wastewater, cement transport, lumber, grain, and many more! Our drop forged chains begin their manufacturing process by utilizing premium alloys of steel, they are then cast to form the drop forged chain links and then heat-treated and inspected for quality assurance! We supply the standard series drop forged chains through to the triple series as well as custom-manufactured forged chains. We also supply drop forged chain attachments, flights, and sprockets. Our drop forged chains come standard in three different material options; case hardened manganese chrome alloy steel (TN), case-hardened chrome nickel alloy steel (CN), and hardened & tempered chrome-moly alloy steel (CD).

  • TN – Manganese Chrome Alloy Steel (20MnCr5) Case hardened
  • CN – Chrome Nickel Alloy Steel (18NiCoMo5) Case Hardened
  • CD- Chrome Molly Alloy Steel (42CrMo4) Hardened & Tempered

 Drop Forged Chains Attachments

Drop Forged Chains Attachments

Drop Forged Chain Sprockets for Drop Forged Chain

We supply a range of drop forged chain sprockets that range in tooth count, bore sizes, and configuration. Our drop-forged sprockets are typically available within 1 to 4 weeks but can be supplied sooner if expediting is required. Most commonly these sprockets are supplied as segmental or Monobloc construction, segmental sprockets offer commercial advantages for long-term needs, thus they are generally preferred. The standard plate material is pre-hardened to 500 Bnh to increase the wear life and prevent premature abrasion, specific materials, and hardnesses can be supplied upon request.
Drop Forged Chain Sprockets