Conveyor sprockets

(mill sprockets, engineering class sprockets, engineered sprockets) are used in conjunction with conveyor chains or conveyor belts. They are toothed gears or profiled wheels that mesh with a or belt to transmit rotary motion. Single, double, triple, quadruple and quintuple conveyor sprockets are commonly available.

Heat treatment method of sprocket

1. Medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel are usually used for surface hardening. After surface hardening, the hardness of tooth surface is generally 40-55HRC. It has the characteristics of anti fatigue pitting, strong adhesion resistance and good wear resistance. As the bare core will eventually harden, the sprocket still has enough toughness to withstand small impact loads.
2. Carburizing and quenching are often used for low carbon steel and low carbon total steel. After carburizing and quenching, the hardness of tooth surface can reach 56-62 hrc, while the toughness of tooth center is still high. After carburizing and hardening, the gear teeth will deform. Great running in should be carried out.
3. Nitriding is a kind of surface chemical heat treatment. No other heat treatment is needed after nitriding, and the hardness of tooth surface can reach 700~900 hv. As nitrided gears are characterized by high hardness, low processing temperature and small deformation, they are suitable for difficult grinding of gears and are commonly used in nitrided steels containing chromium, copper, lead and other alloy elements.
4. Medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel are generally quenched and tempered, and the hardness of gear surface after quenching and tempering is 220 × 280 HBS。 Due to low hardness, gear can be trimmed after heat treatment.
5. Normalizing can eliminate internal stress, refine grains, and improve mechanical and cutting properties. Gears with low mechanical strength requirements can be standardized with medium carbon steel, and large diameter gears can be standardized with cast steel.

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Sprocket manufacturer's cutting process

  1. Forming broaching (also called circular broaching and forming single cycle method) is a variation of cutting method. The workpiece does not feed slowly at the tooth height, but advances rapidly to the full tooth height (or the lathe head approaches the workpiece). The cutter head of the cutter head is arranged in micro increments in the diameter direction, just like the cutter teeth of the broach. The cutter head of the wheel manufacturer rotates for one circle to cut a tooth slot. The tooth will be separated from the notch of the cutter head on the cutter head, and then another tooth slot will be cut. This cycle will continue until all the tooth slots are cut. This method is used for finishing the big wheel, the tooth shape is the cutter section, and the special double-sided round broach head is used.
  2. The rough cutting and fine drawing method of sprocket manufacturers is also a variation of the cutting method. When machining bevel gear big wheel, rough and fine cutting can also be completed in – times on solid blank. The rough cutting is similar to the rough cutting of the cutting method, and the fine cutting is similar to the fine drawing of the round drawing method. This cutting method can be used in the gear milling machine designed according to the principle of profiling method, or in the gear milling machine designed according to the principle of hobbing method.
  3. The spiral forming method of the chain wheel manufacturer is developed on the basis of the profiling method. It combines the advantages of the semi hobbing method, the circular drawing method, and the rough cutting and fine drawing method. It is a relatively perfect cutting method for machining spiral bevel gears and hypoid bevel gears at present. It is suitable for finishing large wheels of gear pairs with transmission ratios greater than 2.5. In short, the cutter head makes reciprocating forward movement in addition to rotation. The cutter head uses a double-sided round broach head.
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