Technical Support


Technical support for Couplings

A. Catalog of all kinds of Couplings

Technical support for Sprockets

A. Catalog of Sprockets (dimensions)

B. Other Technical Information for sprockets (Tolerance, selection, maintain, hardness, recommended hub etc.)

Technical support for V-pulleys

A. Catalog of V-pulleys

B. Other Technical Information for V-pulleys (Tolerance, selection, maintain, etc.)

Technical Support for Reducer

A. New catalog of  reducer

B. Old catalog of reducers

C. Worm reducer installation & Others

Technical support for Gears & Racks

A. Catalog of Gears

B. Other Technical Information for Spur gears & Racks (Tolerance, selection, maintain, etc.) (European Standard)

C. Technical information for worm and worm wheel (European Standard)

D. Information about bevel gears and Spiral bevel gears (European Standard)

E. Technical information of Helical gears (European Standard)

F. Technical information for Racks (European Standard)

G. Technical Information for American Standard Spur gears, Bevel Gears, Worm Gear Units, Racks


Technical support for timing pulleys

A. Catalog of Timing pulleys

Technical Support for Bushes and hubs

A. Catalog of Bushes and hubs

Technical support for Chains

A. Catalog of Chains

B. Other Technical Information for Chains (Tolerance, selection, maintain, etc.)

Technical Support for Shaft Collars

A. Catalog of  Shaft Collars

Technical Support for Motor Bases

A. Catalog of  Motor Bases

Material table show equivalent material of different standards

Material hardness ( before and after heat treatment)

ISO Bore and shaft tolerances

Weight of Mass

How to insert a bearing to our parts

How to fix our products to shaft

Technical information of The different types of thread

Technical information for locking assembiles

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