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The Different Types of Sprockets Available For Your Bicycle

The different types of sprockets available for your bicycle are called ANSI, bushed, drum, and triple. Knowing the differences between these four types will make buying the appropriate one much easier. Regardless of your application, here are some things to consider when purchasing a sprocket. Listed below are some of the most important factors to consider before you make your purchase. Read on to find out more!

ANSI sprocket

When determining which sprocket standard to use, you can refer to the ANSI sprocket code. This code is expressed in metric units, so if the pitch of the sprocket is less than the diameter of the roller, you should choose a different standard. You can also customize the ANSI sprocket code by choosing the “Customize” option in the ANSI Series list.

Standard sprockets are available in both finished and bare-bore sizes. Finished-bore sprockets are equipped with a standard ANSI keyway and two set screws for mounting. The first screw is over the keyway and the second screw is at 90 degrees from the keyway. This combination results in a durable sprocket, which can withstand heavy loads.

Triple sprocket

A triple sprocket is a bushed type sprocket with an 18-tooth taper. These sprockets are usually made from high-quality mild steel and fabricated to tight tolerances. Their heat-treated hardened teeth increase their durability and are often used in industrial applications such as ash handling. You can find them in many different sizes and tooth counts, and can also choose from a variety of different hub designs, depending on the application.

Most sprockets are designed to fit a specific type of chain. Roller chains are the most common type of sprockets, and they are designed with a gap between rollers so that the teeth fit into the chain. When used in a cycle, a sprocket is an important part of a bike’s drive system. A bicycle chain drive, for example, makes use of a sprocket.

Bushed sprocket

A bushed sprocket is a sprocket that has an uneven number of teeth that engage a new set of teeth each time it rotates. This type of sprocket is designed to last longer than other types because it only makes contact with the teeth about half as often as others. Its name comes from its rounded, bushed shape. Its main advantage is that it’s easy to install.

The teeth of a sprocket are designed to mesh with a chain or wheel. It allows for simple rotational movement of larger machinery. ANSI standards for sprockets include sizes from 12B to 40B. These sizes are generally expressed in hyphenated terms to make it easier to identify a bushed sprocket based on its size. This is especially important for repairing worn sprockets.

Drum sprocket

If you’re looking for a drum sprocket for a heavy-duty conveyor, you’ve come to the right place. HZPT Transmission is a world-class manufacturer of chain and sprocket assemblies. With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, the company prides itself on quality and reliability. Its customer service team is also available to help you troubleshoot and install the sprocket.

There are two primary types of drum sprockets: A-plate and full face. Full-face sprockets typically have a larger surface area than A-plate sprockets, which means less contact pressure. A-plate sprockets, on the other hand, allow for greater misalignment and wear and have a lower contact area. Tsubaki produces full-face drum sprockets in a variety of styles, with varying tooth counts.

Multiple strand sprocket

Multiple strand sprockets are splined to the shaft of a wheel. The wheel of a multiple strand sprocket carries the plate 4% of the sprocket’s weight. The size of the T dimension determines whether the sprocket is B or C-style. All dimensions are in inches, unless noted otherwise.

Double-duty sprockets have an extra row of teeth located between the chain pins. These teeth are half-pitched, which allows the sprocket to automatically swap between two sets after each rotation. In addition, the spacing between the sprocket plates is wider than that of a single-strand sprocket. This design also allows for the chain to exit the chain in opposite directions.


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