transmission silent chain sc5 small quiet double roller chain with low price


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Standard or Nonstandard:
Roller Chain
Stainless Steel
Tensile Strength:
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
Model Number:
CL100 CL120 CL125 CL140 CL150 CL180 CL200 CL250 CL300 CS100
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small quiet chain
Conveyor Chain

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Supply Ability:
5000 Meter/Meters per Month small quiet chain

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standard export packing
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20 days

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Product Description

transmission silent chain sc5  small quiet double roller chain with low price

small quiet chain

 Silent conveying chains provide a smooth,durable,flat conveying surface that operates with less vibration and velocity variation than other conveying products.Chains are manufactured from hardened steel components,making them long lasting and tolerant of elevated temperatures.They are available in a variety of standard widths and constructions or can be easily buit to suit a specific application.  inverted tooth chains

Linked and pin with a special treatment ,So it has highly wearable and strength to pull and can provide more stable use effects and long usage life,all of the of these products as your demand.

The width of silent chain can from 50mm to 500mm.

 Special Recommendation:

Two pin silent chain can provide better use effects and longer usage life than single pin.And with protection plate can offer more safety protection for the product.

 The chain gear tooth chain Xiangjie: also called silent chain, the chain is a special heat treatment process, and solves the problem that the domestic heatDo not pass the processing problem, chain plate adopts special steel chain forging and heat treatment, the thickness of 0.2mm, hard, soft, thisThe treatment process, to solve the high hardness, hardness of small fragments. Processing, do not wear problems, the use of Zhou QishouLife greatly extended (under normal use 3-5 years) according to the central distance of two kinds: 12.7mm, 25.4mm.Application: the tooth chain has generally matched with the ranks of machine, bottle conveying machine manufacturers.Detection of the tooth chain: tooth chain we produce have been running for 24 hours in the bottle conveying machine, to be qualified, onlyYou can pack the factory.Toothed chain is an important mechanical basis for a wide range of applications, mainly used in high speed, heavy load, low noise, large center distance conditions, the transmission performance is better than that of tooth belt, gear and roller drive, to become a large number of industries preferred form of transmission, can be divided into internal meshing gear the chain meshing form, outer meshing silent chain and the inner and outer meshing silent chain, the inside and outside the compound meshing noise minimum, is the most widely used.Silent chain (gear chain drive) is an efficient, stable, drive economy. Its transmission speed and capacity are more than the chain belt and other types of silent chain. (toothed chain transmission) of low noise, small vibration, high transmission efficiency of more than 99%. The standard of silent chain chain and sprocket variety, so silent chain drive collocation is flexible, which can meet the different needs of different conditionsThe chain shape of silent chain, in order to reduce the stress concentration degree, prolong the fatigue life, enhance the tensile strength of the chain. Stamping technology innovation bring pressure area each link can increase the bearing area. That links at reduced pressure, greatly reduce the chain in the process of using all stretched rate. The link is through shot blasting treatment to increase the fatigue strength, and surface consistent effect.Silent chain and sprocket is designed to conform to the ASME standard profile using.RP series SC series with the transmission ability of silent chain two times, it can transmit more than 35 meters per second speed and more than 1800kW. When you need to load in the narrow space of high-speed transmission of high load when RP series of silent chain the transmission system is often the transmission type often used.Main features:1 low noise toothed chain through the work of involute tooth chain plate and sprocket tooth shaped meshing transmission power, compared with the roller and bush chains the multilateral effect is significantly reduced, the impact is small, smooth motion, meshing less noise.Link 2 high reliability toothed chain is multi disc structure, when one individual in the work piece chain destruction does not affect the whole chain of work, so that people can discover and replace, such as the need to increase the carrying capacity of the smaller size in the width direction (increase chain row number).3 high precision toothed chain each link can maintain uniform wear elongation, high motion accuracy

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 The tooth chain extension: Ningjin County Rongda Machinery Manufacturing Co. production gear chain has 30 years of history, there are a large number of tooth chain each year we sold all over the country agents and glass manufacturers, is the production of tooth chain types of the most complete enterprise, with carbon steel and stainless steel tooth chain we produce, section from 12.7mm and 25.4mm, with tips and pointed, with washers and without washers, inner and outer guide guide, a shaft welding research and shaft, toothed belt of different widths. The tooth chain of our production, workers have been in the bottle conveying machine tooth chain 24 hours before the factory. Over the years we have developed a large number of tooth chain extension products, a transverse tooth chain bottle conveying machine, double toothed chain bottle conveying machine, steering gear chain bottle conveying machine, U type gear chain type bottle conveying machine. Our company not only production chain, silent chain, and The production chain, silent chain, hope for the needs of domestic and foreign silent chain and silent chain with the demand for services, provide the silent chain tensile wear-resisting and silent chain belt. We produce the extension product chain gear tooth chain bottle conveying machine with transverse tooth chain bottle conveying machine, double toothed chain with bottle conveying machine, steering gear chain bottle conveying machine, turning U tooth chain bottle conveying machine perennial spot inspection, always waiting for you








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