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Various Types Of Industrial Gearboxes

Below are descriptions of the six most common types of industrial gearboxes.

Helical Gearbox:

The helical gearbox is small and energy-efficient. This machinery is utilised in a variety of industrial applications, although it is most commonly employed in heavy-duty tasks. The helical gearbox is widely used in the manufacturing of plastics, cement, rubber, and other heavy-duty industrial applications. It’s beneficial in low-power applications including crushers, extruders, coolers, and conveyors.

The helical gearbox is unusual in that it is positioned at an angle that allows more teeth to interact in the same direction when it is in motion. For a set amount of time, this ensures continual touch.

Coaxial helical inline gearbox

For heavy-duty applications, the coaxial helical gearbox is perfect. The quality and effectiveness of coaxial helical lines are well known. These are made to a high standard, allowing you to get the most out of your load and transmission ratios.

Helical gearbox with bevels

Bevel helical gearbox

A curved set of teeth situated on the cone-shaped surface near the unit’s rim is a key feature of this type of gearbox. The bevel helical gearbox is used to provide rotational movements between shafts that are not parallel. Quarries, the mining sector, and conveyors are all examples of where these are employed.

Skew bevel helical gearbox

The robust and monolithic structure of the skew bevel helical gearbox makes it suitable for large weights and other applications. Once fitted on the right motor shaft output, these industrial gearboxes provide mechanical advantages. Based on the number of teeth and gears, these are extremely configurable. As a result, you should be able to select one that meets your requirements.

Worm reduction gearbox

Heavy-duty activities are driven by worm reduction gearboxes. When there is a requirement for enhanced speed reduction between non-intersecting crossing axis shafts, these gearboxes are employed. A large-diameter worm wheel is used in this type of industrial gearbox. The teeth on the outer portion of the gearbox mesh with the worm, or screw. Because of the screw-like movement, the worm’s rotational motion leads the wheel to move similarly. Heavy industries such as fertilizers, chemicals, and minerals utilise the majority of these industrial gearboxes.

Planetary gearbox

Three of the four Planet Gears circle the center Sun Gear in a Planetary Gearbox. All of this is connected by an outer ring gear with internal teeth. This design evenly distributes power among the gears, allowing a Planetary Gear System to provide high torque in a compact space. In cutting-edge technology such as robots and 3D printing, this sort of Gearbox is quite common.

The planetary gearbox is known for its precise applications and is suitable for its endurance, accuracy, and distinct functionality. This sort of gearbox extends the life of your equipment while also improving performance. Planetary gearboxes are available in a solid or hollow design, as well as a range of mounting options such as a flange, shaft, or foot. That’s all there is to know about the many sorts of gearboxes. If you are looking for gearboxes then you can visit HZPT, the leading manufacturer of Planetary gearbox in China, which offers a wide range of gearboxes. Get in touch with them to know more.


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