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Working principle of Cycloidal Gearbox

A cycloidal gearbox, also known as cycloidal speed reduction, is a device that scales back the speed of an input shaft. Cycloidal speed reducers may achieve large ratios in small spaces with minimal backlash. The cycloidal disc is driven in an eccentric, cycloidal motion by the input shaft through an eccentric bearing.

In this blog, we will define the cycloidal gearbox, working principle, advantages, and disadvantages. So let’s get started.

What is a Cycloidal Gearbox?

A cycloidal gearbox is a type of gearbox that has been designed to provide a varying speed ratio. This gearbox achieves this by using a single input, single output gearbox, where the input and output are always in the same plane, and by using two annular gears that are coaxial with the input and output shafts. The gears are shaped like cycloidal curves, which is where the gearbox gets its name from. The gears are mounted on a single shaft, which is the input shaft. This shaft can be rotated in order to vary the speed ratio.

The number of cylindrical cam followers, which outnumber the number of cam lobes, serves as the internal gear’s teeth. The output shaft’s concentric rotation is achieved by the second track of compound cam lobes, which connects with cam followers on the output shaft to convert the eccentric rotation of the cam into torque and speed reduction.

Working Principle of Cycloidal Gearbox:

The cycloidal disc’s lobes operate as teeth and make contact with pins on a static ring gear as it rotates. Additionally, the cycloidal disc contains roller pins that stick out from the disc and connect to an output disc that transmits momentum to an output shaft.

High gear ratios (typically 100:1 or larger) with exceptional rigidity, good shock load capacity, steady rebound over the gearbox life, and minimal wear are all provided by cycloidal gearboxes, which utilise the concepts of cycloidal gears.

Although cycloidal gearboxes come in a variety of configurations, the fundamental idea is the same: an input shaft is eccentrically mounted to a driving member or bearing, which drives a cycloidal disc in an eccentric motion. The cycloidal disc’s lobes function as teeth and make contact with pins on a ring gear that is stationary as the disc rotates. The roller pins on the cycloidal disc extend through the disc and are attached to an output disc, which transmits motion to an output shaft.

Cycloidal gears require extremely precise manufacturing and assembly, making them far more challenging to produce than involute gears. They do, however, provide notable advantages in particular situations. First, given the length of the gearbox, they may deliver transmission ratios up to 300:1 in a reasonably small design.

Because of their rolling contact and reduced Hertzian contact stress, cycloidal gears also have lower friction and less wear on the tooth flanks. Additionally, they are perfect for heavy commercial processes that also need servo precision and stiffness because of their strong torsional stiffness and ability to bear shock loads.


  • Because they have a wider flank than involute gears, they are thought to be stronger and can therefore handle additional strain and stress.
  • In the case of cycloidal gears, the concave surface and the convex flank make contact. Less wear and tear results as a result.
  • These kinds of gears don’t experience interference.


  • Because of the eccentric nature of the drive, the cycloidal disc will vibrate and spread through the driven shafts and the body if it is not balanced by a second disc or a counterweight.
  • As a result, the cycloidal disk’s outer teeth and component bearings will experience greater wear.
  • To eliminate vibration, high-speed drives employ three (or more) discs since this allows the imbalance to be adjusted. The outer discs move in synchrony and counter to the centre disc, which is twice as big.


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